Friday, May 11, 2007

Crazy4Smallville's Weekly Review 6:

I know I haven't written a review in a while. I actually told myself that I wasn't going to write anymore, but I guess I can't just stop what I've been doing for six years now.

I really, really, really LOVED the timeless episode. Seeing Chloe, Clark, Lois, Jimmy, Lex, Lana & Lionel all doing their roles in the black and white - was very, very, very well done. Clark being the bumbling, glasses wearing geek reporter by day and hero crime fighter by night was priceless. Chloe's accent, attitude and demeanor - excellent. Lois' dream girl role (well, didn't really need that one, but they had to put her somewhere. Chloe really had her role.) Lex's mob-like character was par to none, Lana's damsel-in-distress/black widow character - fit like a glove and Lionel's barkeep, informative, etc - as mysterious as his own role. Jimmy - Jimmy was the best.

I loved the square-shouldered outfits, the way the picture was shot, the sound effects, the writing, the script, the lighting, everything. It's by far the BEST episode I've seen on the show. I'm really, really impressed.

As for the rest of them - I'm still waiting on Chloe to reveal some sort of super power and for Clark to move on from Lana. But, every time he starts to move on - he gets pulled back in. Unless Lana dies - SHE (not Lois) will always be THE love of Clark's life - which is JUST WRONG. It's one of the things I HATE about this show. However, that's not to say I don't like Lana, because I actually do. I really love to see how vindictive, manipulative and evil she's become. She's truly been transformed into a Luthor. She just like Lex. Doing under-handed things - all the while - thinking she's doing them for a good reason. Lex thinks he's building an army to protect the earth from aliens, yet he doesn't think about "HOW" he's going about it or all the lies, manipulations, and evil he does to fulfill that NOBEL quest. Neither does Lana.

Chloe is wonderful as ever. She's tough and I loved seeing her get that moment with her mother. But, whatever happened to her father, Gabe? Does she not have a relationship with him? I like how she misses Jimmy. I'd like to see more on Moira. Could Chloe be Wonder Woman? Instead of her and her mother being meteor freaks, perhaps they're aliens from an all-woman ruled planet, and Chloe is truly a warrior princess named Diana?? That's a BIG stretch, but having Linda Carter (Wonder Woman) play her mother, and Chloe being a part of the Justice League (like Wonder Woman) no WONDER this WOMAN's mind wanders in such a direction.

What's wrong with Clark? He's not the brightest tool in the shed. He's got all these superpowers - that's he's had for years now - x-ray vision (5-6 years), heat vision (4-5 years) super hearing (5-6 years), speed (15-16 years), strength (his whole life) etc. Yet, he doesn't use them as if they're second nature when he gets into a conflict. He should be trained like a soldier, and his reflexes to use his powers should be second nature. Perhaps its a budget issue.

I do like seeing how he's saving the day, but then keeping himself hidden in the background and no one knows he's saving the day. It was really touching seeing him watching Lois as she grieved over her first love. Is this a foreshadow of him grieving over his??? Please say it's so!

On the whole, I'm still very pleased with the show. However, a new show has really got my blood pumping on Thursday nights, and that's Supernatural. I LOVE Dean Winchester. I hated Jensen Eckles on Smallville. Jason was a mama's boy - Lana whipped - puppy dog - but on Smallville, he's everything this girl would like to have in a man. I just LOVE that character and his rigid sense of humor.

Anyway - that was a quick review on Smallville of late. I look forward to the finale next week.

Till next time,