Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Why Do We Do What We Do?

Sometimes there’s a part of us deep inside that reacts and does things that we never meant or intended to do. I’m an over-thinker and analyzer, and there are many times I’ve had to question my behavior.  I used to look at the behavior itself and then judge because of the behavior, but I’m learning now to not just “see” what is being done, but try to understand the why behind it.  I believe with all my heart that our actions are not the true representative of the good or evil within us – but the WHY behind them. 
Why do we smoke? Why do we cheat? Why do we lie? Why do we feel the need to rescue? Why do we care? Why do we sacrifice? Why do we hurt others? Why do we protect? Why do we risk our lives? Why do hide in fear?
The things we do reveal our true selves more than anything we say, feel, or think.  I’ve discovered on many occasions I am not always as I think or believe I am. Sometimes I am stronger and better. Sometimes I’m weaker and worse.  But, I can only see that truth when I question the ‘why’ behind my actions. 
I’ve been cheated on, and of course the first question I want to know the answer to is ‘why’ and then immediately feel or think it’s some sort of deficiency on my part.  How could he do that or hurt me that way? Didn’t he love me enough? Was I not what he wanted? How could he want someone else when I gave him everything? Was I not pretty enough, smart enough, independent enough, or dependent enough? Am I too smart, too short, too fat, too demanding, too …anything?  See how the cycle goes?  But those are not the questions we should be asking.  It’s more about the ‘why’ behind his actions – what was going on inside him that he felt the need or want to go outside the relationship?  What need wasn’t being filled or met within the relationship? Where was the communication breakdown that didn’t address the problem? 
We are all responsible for our own actions.  The man that cheated on me (no, this hasn’t been recently, just in my past) was the person responsible for checking himself and his motives before acting on his impulses.  The only responsibility I had in the situation is to make sure open communication was present to help identify the problems.  In that, I failed.  I let assumptions, fears, doubts, and suspicions guide me.  They may have been true, but that’s no excuse for not communicating before things got too far.  I’m not responsible for him or his actions – only my own.  But what I do know is that relationships are HARD.  They take TWO people who are willing to fight.  Sometimes one needs to fight harder than the other for a period of time if they’re going through something, but eventually both need to come back in balance and be there for each other, and keep those lines of communications open.
I have lost relationships due to pride, shutting down when the pain came, and judging my partner because of their actions and not trying to understand their motives. Understanding a motive doesn’t excuse a behavior, but it may help us understand how frail, complex, and weak we are as human beings.  “Judge not, lest we be judged.”  Before we act, let’s put ourselves in their situation and see if we can understand the problem, we might just find a solution. Cheating isn’t the sin – the betrayal of intimacy and trust and not communicating is the real sin.
Till next time,
~T.L. Gray

Monday, August 19, 2019

Dealing with Loss

Life is constantly changing and in those changes sometimes things get lost, things that are essential to our hearts and souls, to our minds and well-being.  It would be great if we were able to accumulate and keep everything and everyone that came into our lives, especially the people who we love most and who have impacted us most in our lives, but we can’t. No matter how much we wish it, how much we want it, we came into this world alone and we will leave it alone, and along the way we will have to deal with loss. 
The worst pain I ever felt in my life was losing someone I loved, especially because it was hard for me to love in the first place. It took me so long to open my heart and let that love in – and then to have it taken from me so quickly. I still find myself waiting – waiting for someone that is gone in my life to just walk around the corner and greet me again with that beautiful smile, to  speak words of encouragement to me when it seems like everything and everyone is against me, to tell me I can when I don’t believe it.  But, he never comes – and I keep waiting.  Even today, after twenty-six years, I feel this empty space he left behind.  But, I only have to close my eyes and I can picture him smiling at me, urging me forward in my life, daring me to take those chances, and trying to provoke me into giving love another shot.  I talk to him all the time, because I know what he would say to me. 
Right now someone very special to me, someone I love deeply and care for greatly, is dealing with a loss and I don’t know how to help him. I know the pain he is in and I want to tell him it gets easier and eventually the pain goes away, but it doesn’t.  I want to tell him that she’s in a better place, watching over him, and he will see her again someday, but I really can’t make that promise either because I don’t know if it’s true or not. I have faith it is, but it’s not something I can promise. It’s not my call. I know the emptiness he is feeling inside. I know the questions, and the doubts, and the fears, and the anger, and the bargaining, and everything else that comes with grief.  I’m so scared he’s going to be weak like me and let that pain build a door and a wall that will push everyone else out – and go through the motions of life but not really live.  But, I can’t stop him.  It’s got to be his choice. 
What comforts me when I think about my loss is remembering the smiles, the laughter, the conversations, and the dreams we built together.  When I’m hurting or doubting, I hear his words and his voice pushing me forward and encouraging me.  That’s what I want for Scott – I want him to think about what ‘she’ would want for him, what ‘she’ would tell him if she was sitting beside him, what ‘she’ would want him to do. He knows what she would say. He knows what she would want. And THAT is what I want him to push for, to strive for, and to make happen in his life.  He has a fighting motto – “Find something worth dying for – and then live for it.”  I pray he heeds his own motto.
Ecclesiastes 3 reads, “There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens: a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot, a time to kill and a time to heal, a time to tear down and a time to build, a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance, a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them, a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing, a time to search and a time to give up, a time to keep and a time to throw away, a time to tear and time to mend, a time to be silent and a time to speak, a time to love and a time to hate, and time for war and a time for peace.” Ecclesiastes 3:12: “I know that there is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good while they live.” 
That’s what I want for him – to be happy and to do good while he lives.  To live in the moment, to live in the day, and not just merely exist.  He is in a time of mourning, but he must look toward the new sun and not dwell on what is gone for more than a cycle of the moon (30 days) lest it become work of the enemy to steal his strength and joy.  I know the pain of holding on too long. But, what can I say or do?  I am helpless because this is his journey, his walk, and his burden to bear.  James whispers to me when I’m feeling overwhelmed and helpless to do anything to ease his pain – and reminds me that where there is much grief there is much love. All I can do is love and pray and wait.
Dealing with loss is not easy. It hurts. It hurts badly.  I can’t save the world from feeling loss, but perhaps just try to remind it that there is/was/will be love in the world too.  I know that James loved me and he always wanted what was best for me – and knowing that, I have tried to live my life pursing love, pursuing happiness, pursuing the dreams we built together.  I want him to be proud of me, as I have become proud of myself. For my children, when I am gone, I would want them to be happy, to be loved, to live each day as if it were their last, to take chances and risks, and to not be afraid to fail and get back up.  That’s what makes life valuable. 
Till next time,
~T.L. Gray

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Voices of Authority

I love listening to podcasts while I work. Some of my favorites are Jocko Willink at #JockoPodcast, Mike Ritland at #MikeDrop, Marcus and Morgan Luttrell at #TeamNeverQuit, David Rutherford at #FrogLogic, Shawn Ryan at #VigilanceElite, Andy Stumpf at #ClearedHot, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark at #MyFavoriteMurder and motivational videos by David Goggins. 
Life is hard.  Getting up every day to push my aging body into a healthy state, going to work all day, and then running around doing all the errands life has in store for me like grocery shopping, walking the dog, checking the mail, paying bills, cleaning, cooking, etc., that make my life my life – can be draining on the mind, heart, body and soul.  While I have learned a long, long, long time ago that no one is going to motivate me more than I’m going to motivate myself, I sometimes can use a little help.
I’m careful what I listen to, just like I have to be careful what I eat.  What I pour into my body, mind, heart and soul is what I am going to reap. I push hard because I want good results.  I keep going when I don’t feel like it because my desire for my goal is more than my desire to be lazy.  Believe me, I want to take the easy road. I’ve been begging for the easy road my whole life, but it doesn’t seem I’m made for the easy road.  I feel like I’m a pulpwood truck designed to carry heavy loads down pot-hole-ridden dirt roads, when I want to be a Lamborghini flying down the Autobahn. Instead I slap some pretty paint over my rough body and get to work.
I’ve chosen the podcasts I listen to for a purpose – to receive strength. These are warriors, pioneers, over-achievers, inspirers, motivators and leaders.  They are Navy SEALs, MMA fighters, Ju-Jitsu teachers, runners, comedians, professionals, survivors, poets and professionals. They don’t just talk shit – they do it. I don’t want to hear talk from someone who’s read about it, studied it, or has thoughts and ideas about something … I want to hear from people who KNOW, who have sacrificed, who have put the work in, who have paid the price – and STILL keeps fighting, never quits, never accepts the excuses that life hands to them on a daily basis. I want to learn from someone who has some authority. I don’t want to THINK about doing something - I want to overcome. I am a survivor. I am a fighter. I am warrior.  I am a woman.
So, let’s go Jocko.  Let that smooth, deep, voice of authority lead me into the wisdom and knowledge of your experience and leadership. Thank you for letting me know I’m not the only insane 4am warrior in this universe. Love Echo’s questions – keep ‘em coming. Let’s go, Mike. Keep reminding me to be real, to lay it all out there, and remember my humanity, my training, and my discipline. You’re a stone for this tumbleweed. Man, I love you. I have loved EVERY podcast I have listened from you. I hope my opinion matters in this case, because I sure as Hell know it doesn’t on your podcast.  Let’s go, Rut. Pour out your poems and your deep-rooted hope that stirs my soul. Let’s go Marcus and Morgan – keep reminding me to never give up, to never quit, and that there is life after survival.  Andy, Andy, Andy …you’re one smart cookie – keep letting me know I can’t be cleared hot and that danger is always close. Come on, Goggins – help me bear the suffering and keep running and keep standing in that mirror of accountability. Keep showing me I don’t have to be defined by this world that I can do anything I set my mind to accomplish if I’m willing to really suffer for it. Hooyah! Come on Ryan, push that vigilance, take aim at the target, and keep true.  Come on Karen and Georgia, make me laugh and do it while reminding me the world is full of dangerous people, and show me how strong, smart, opinionated, foul-mouthed woman can succeed. Oh, and the lessons on murder – well, who knows if those will come in handy someday.
All these people are beautiful inspirations to me. Each of them have inspired me and motivated me to keep going, and they do it every day.  They are filling my heart and my mind with the tools and weapons I need to keep pushing to succeed, and I appreciate the hell out of them. They are my voices of authority. 
God is my ultimate authority, but I believe these are his modern-day prophets.  They LIVE his Word in truth and deed.  They’re not preachers or evangelists knocking on your doors and trying to push a belief on you. They’re real people, real heroes, and real examples. I don’t want to just hear or read a principle, I want to see it in action, I want to see it applied, I want to see the results it produces, and I love what these men and women are producing. 
I never listened to podcasts before, but now I don’t want to go through my day without them. Check these guys out. I promise you won’t be sorry.
Till next time,
~T.L. Gray

Podcast Links:

My Favorite Murder - https://www.myfavoritemurder.com/
Jocko Podcast - http://jockopodcast.com/

Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Reload and React

Many days and many times I run out of energy. I am made of energy and everything I do requires energy -  energy to move, energy to dig in, energy to keep going, energy to talk, energy to feel, energy to stay positive, energy to work, energy to play, etc.  ON the downside, it also takes energy to cry, energy to hurt, energy to worry, energy to stress, energy to fret, and energy to be angry.
 Energy is the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity. Motivation is stored positive energy. Inspiration is the birth of energy. Isolation is my way to protect my energy. Procrastination is the reluctance to expel or use energy.  It’s the source of my vitality, it what animates my life, it’s what fuels my passions, stirs the fires within my soul, it strengthens my desires, is the source of my strength and stamina.  It’s another name for drive-desire-determination. 
So what happens when I am empty? When I’ve made decisions in my life that expel and use more energy than I produce and store?  My gas tank runs dry, my guns have no ammunition, and my reserves are empty.
Life is about balance.  ALWAYS balance.  If I want something different to happen in my life, I have to do something different.  If I want to use energy, I must learn to store and build the same amount of energy. But often I’m unbalanced, using more than I stored, burning my gears, becoming exhausted. 
Love is energy, but that too has to be in balance. If I love more than the amount of love I receive, I’m unbalanced and will burn out.  If I receive more love than I give, I’ll become complacent and take advantage and become dependent on its source.  But, then what happens when that love disappears from my life because it’s been exhausted? Will I have anything stored?
That’s not how energy works.  That’s not how love works. Neither has a shelf life. It’s a force that needs constant motion or movement, it’s always building or breaking, growing or dying.  The more I pour in, the faster and harder I can go – in the present. I can’t store it in now and expect to use it in 20 years. Stored energy needs to be used quickly and soon. Stored love is to be used in the present. 
At some point I have to learn to pour in, to build, to store at the same time, and with the same measure I’m using and consuming. I want energy in my body, so I make decisions in my life that help me build energy on a daily basis to balance out my daily workout routines that require a lot of energy, especially this new routine my boyfriend created for me. I want to be productive at work every day, so I have to make sure I get rest the night before – every day.  If I don’t build and store every day, I won’t be able to work out every day.  If I don’t work out every day, I won’t get the results I need. If I fall asleep at work every day, I will eventually lose that job.
So, don’t forget to reload – everything you will need - every day. But don’t just reload.  Once you’ve got your daily dose, REACT – use the energy you’ve built for the thing you’ve built it for.  Don’t look at me like you don’t know what I’m saying. Some of you just realized you don’t have, or you can’t, or you stopped, or you failed …because you haven’t been reloading your reserves. You’ve been wondering why there’s some emptiness in your life or why something isn’t working. You won’t get to the gym diligently everyday if you’re not being just as diligent in your diet and sleep – everyday. If you’re not loving, respecting, appreciating others, then don’t fucking expect it in return. It’s insane to expect something for nothing, yet we live in a society that believes in that fairy tale. I see it every day. People want healthy fit bodies AND eat pizza while sitting on their asses all day playing video games.  They want money, but not the job required to earn it. If you want energy, build energy.  If you want POSITIVE energy, then put Positive measures into place and be positive, even when the rest of the world is a bitter asshole.
Till next time,

~T.L. Gray

Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Whatever It Takes

How many of us say this, and convince ourselves we believe it, but don’t do it?  Will I really do ‘whatever’ it takes?  How about when it gets hard? When no one else believes and supports me? When there’s no reward? No accolades? When it hurts? When it costs? When it requires me to give up someone or something else I love? When it doesn’t match my dreams or imagination?
Right now I’ve been doing this new workout program my boyfriend created for me. I suffer. It hurts me. It pushes me. I have to fight the fifty excuses screaming at me every morning, telling me to go back to bed, taunting me that it isn’t working, I’m wasting my time.  Yes, knowing I’m about to go suffer, I get up, put on my gym clothes, tie my hair in a ponytail, and then drive to the gym.  EVERY exercise hurts, and then the last of each set where I have to take myself to muscle failure – makes me want to throw up. But, I do WHATEVER it takes. I quit focusing on the pain I’m feeling and KNOW I’m going to feel throughout the day and then what I’m going to feel through the night and tomorrow, and focus on the next success.  
Do I love to suffer or feel pain? Hell NO!  But, what I do love more than the pain and suffering is being strong, healthy, and active.  I’m 48. My body is ready to start resting, slow down, take it easy – but I’m not.  I’ve got too many dreams, too many things I still have yet to do.
I got pissed off and frustrated the other day because I wasn’t strong enough to carry my kayak on my own.  I’m going to fix that problem, watch me. I’ll do whatever it takes. I haven’t figured it out yet, but I’m thinking about it. I love to kayak, I have a kayak, I have an SUV to carry my kayak, and I am not going to let being small and weak stop me from enjoying something I love to do. And I refuse to depend on someone else to do it.  Don’t get me wrong, if someone else is around, I’ll gladly and appreciatively use their help, but I’m not going to let the lack of help being available stop me.
I made a promise to myself a few years ago I wasn’t going to let the actions or inactions of others stop me anymore for doing what I want and love. I spent more than 20 years practically begging to go to the Grand Canyon. We had the means, time, and opportunity, but no one else wanted to go, so I allowed my dream to be put on the back burner with an empty promise of the next year – that never came.  So, I made a vow to myself to not let other’s stop me from doing what I want anymore. I still haven’t made it to the Grand Canyon, but believe me – It’s in the planning stage. As soon as I have vacation time – I’m going to see that big hole in the ground, even if I have to go alone. I’ll do WHATEVER IT TAKES. I’m going to find a way to load and unload my kayak ON MY OWN – whatever it takes.
In my writing – I do whatever it takes. Writing is hard, it takes devotion, time, patience, bleeding your soul onto the page …and if I want publication – more hard work, being “on” in order to market, promote, engage, sitting at hot festivals, sitting on panels with a bunch of snobbish people, wearing thick skin from the opinionated bad reviews or advice from everyone in or outside the business who thinks they can write your stuff better than you.  Dealing with people …sigh.  BUT, I LOVE writing, it’s as much a part of me as breathing so when I set my mind to a project – I’ll do whatever it takes to see it fly onto the page and then out into the universe. I’m not going to let those things or people stop me.
In work, in relationships, paying my bills, providing for myself, life in general … I’ll do whatever it takes. I’ve only got me. I have people in my life who care about me, but I, ALONE, am responsible for myself.  I’m an independent single woman. I don’t have a husband to share the burdens of this life. My kids are grown and they have themselves to care for, and it’s not their job to take care of me. I have no parents. So, I must do whatever it takes. So, watch me do just that.
Till next time

Monday, August 05, 2019

The Terminal List by Jack Carr - Part 2

Okay, I’m a few days late, but here is the second part to my review of The Terminal List by Jack Carr.
I want to get into the conspiracy theories promoted in this story.  To tell you the truth, I started getting pissed.  First from the prologue, wanting to know who the hell sent this SEAL team to die, to murder them while they are doing what they’ve been trained to do, while they believed they were serving their country.  I can only imagine thoughts like that have to be in the back of the mind for those out there putting their lives on the line.  What a betrayal! These guys risk their life for the mission, for their country, because they believe in their country. They are trained to trust their teams, and the people in authority over them. These teams are made up mostly of fathers, sons, husbands, and brothers with a deep sense of duty and honor.  It’s a hard job and they can get lost at times, lose sight of the mission, lose themselves beneath stress and pressure, but at their heart they’re our heroes.  To have someone betray that trust, and then use that betrayal to cover their own selfish agenda is deplorable.
I’m not na├»ve. I know the world is full of greedy bastards that kill, manipulate and plunder for their own material gains.  There’s a lot more than I’d like to admit, but that’s the way of the world. In this story, this betrayal comes from the leaders that our protagonist, Lieutenant Commander James Reece, trusted and obeyed, not only who tried to kill him, but killed his brothers-in-arms. So, I was asking, ‘What the hell was this level of betrayal for?’ thinking money was the root. Yes, ultimately, money was the root to this evil, but author Jack Carr doesn’t just give us that simplistic single reason – no, we get slapped with another double whammy with an even bigger betrayal – the Team guys were murdered because they were evidence, they were guinea pigs for experimental drugs.  Before they were terminated by enemy bombs, they were first terminal victims of a biological weapon.
Man, oh man.  Fear is a bitch, and I can imagine that again these types of fears of betrayal are on our Team guys’ mind at times. I found myself getting angry the more I read this story. I know its fiction, but its plausible issues that our SEALs could face and it just makes me irate that it probably has happened in some fashion, or probably will happen at some point.  What a messy business.  Rescuing and killing. I can’t imagine how hard that can be on a soul.
The Terminal List by Jack Carr definitely stirs the mind and pushes my buttons. I do recommend it, it’s very well-written, it’s a great read, but it’s not for the faint-hearted or the weak-minded.  An ostrich can’t read it, a sheep couldn’t understand it, a wolf would be offended, and a shepherd would be ashamed.
I planned on a third part of this review to talk about all the guns and weapons described in this book, but I really don’t understand them. I love that a glossary was added, but while I can’t appreciate the beauty of the weapon (but I’m sure a weapons guy would love those parts best) I got the gist the story. They served their purpose, but I’ll leave those details to those who know what they’re talking about; I’ll stick to the writing, the pacing, and dialogue, the moral of the story, the emotion, and the writer’s voice.
Jack Carr is a natural story-teller, a silver-tongue, and I love listening to his interviews and podcasts.  He writes a really well story, with great pacing, and good structure.  I look forward to reading True Believer. 
If you haven’t read Terminal List by Jack Carr – go read it now!  You won’t regret it.
Till next time,
~T.L. Gray

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Thr Terminal List by Jack Carr Review

It’s been a while since I’ve written a book review. Hell, it’s been a while since I’ve read a whole book, at least a fiction novel. Life has taken a lot of different turns, but it’s like riding a bike.  I don’t really want to say that, because I can’t really describe what it’s been like, but it sure as hell hasn’t been anything like a bike. Don’t get me wrong, I love my bike, and I love riding it, but reading and writing – well, that’s a whole different experience. I’ve just needed the right inspiration to get me back in the seat – and I found it in The Terminal List by Jack Carr.

I’m not going to give this review to you all at once, because I want to do it justice. I’m going to give it to you in pieces – today being the first.

I initially heard of Jack Carr on Jocko Willink’s podcast talking about his upcoming 2nd book, True Believer.
Dating a former Navy SEAL had sparked my interest in SEALs and that’s how I stumbled upon the podcast. I was familiar with Special Forces and Armed Forces, but I can honestly say I didn’t know much, if anything at all, about Navy SEALS. To be honest, I didn’t know much about the Navy period. I just thought they mostly rode in ships and submarines, perhaps deeming them the least active and least dangerous jobs in the military.  Well, my eyes have been opened, I was as wrong as one could get, and I’m in ‘shock and awe’, especially when it comes to Navy SEALs.  Holy smokes! These guys are badass!  I mean, they are the real deal, the real commandos, the real men of valor and honor that to me are superheroes made of steel.  If you’ve read of any my blogs over any period of time then you know I’m a huge superhero nerd.  For me, Army Ranger’s used to be my military heroes, but they don’t top my list anymore.

Getting back to the book, The Terminal List by Jack Carr.  Even though I had developed this GREAT love and admiration for SEALs, I feared this book. I honestly thought it would be somewhat regimental, just a bunch of facts, details, and plot points put to the page, however listening to the way Jocko Willink read an excerpt (by the way – that man and his deep, smooth voice can read ANYTHING of mine), I was intrigued.  Then listening to Jack Carr tell his story, I could tell this man knew how to tell a story, stay on point, keep his threads together, and then circle back around to tie all the loose ends in a nice little bow. That gave me a little bit more hope that he’d be able to do the same in his writing …and I was not wrong.

Spoilers from this point forward:

The Terminal List begins with our main character, Lieutenant Commander James Reece, on a mission that never felt right with him, and in his gut knew was wrong in more ways than one, knew it went against his instincts and every bit of training and experience he has had on the SEAL teams, yet he was given an order from a higher authority.  He was almost home, he was almost out, just one more to go, and so he followed command.

That aspect right there grabbed me, because I can’t tell you how many times I ignored that gut feeling only to regret it later. I’m learning more and more to listen to it and heed it’s warning, because it’s never been wrong. I could tell I was already invested in this story because inside I was screaming, “Don’t do it! Listen to your gut! This is going to be a shit show!” Of course, I then reminded myself I was reading a book and you can’t have a story without conflict, so I sighed and said, “Ah, hell …bring it on.” Carr did NOT disappoint.  He brought the action. He brought the terminal velocity of a shit storm that played on every fear I would imagine any SEAL team leader would have – losing his whole team because of a decision he made, and him the only one to survive.  Talk about Survivor’s Guilt. Talk about Ownership. I was almost in tears just trying to wrap my head around the concept, but Jack Carr let me feel those emotions, but not for too long before he went and slapped me upside the head and pierce my heart with a double-whammy. 

Listen, teammates on a SEAL team are closer than family, they are brothers in arms, in heart, and in soul.  This character just lost his brothers, his team, his career, and pretty much any self-respect that he had for himself, and he hasn’t even had time to grieve, to accept it when Carr then has his wife, daughter and unborn son murdered.  Okay, I’m almost tearing up writing this.  SEALs are made of steel, but they’re not made of stone.  SEALs are the baddest warriors on this planet and they severely protect what they love – their country, their teammates and their families.  This warrior failed to protect them all – h…h…h…h…o…o…o…l…l…l…y…y…y… shit! Talk about stripping EVERYTHING from a man, down to his naked soul, and humiliating him in every imaginable way – that’s what this means.  I’m beginning to suspect Jack Carr is one sadistic asshole by this point to even be able to imagine enough to write it down in detail, but I have to think these are probably a SEALs worst fears. 

That’s what makes this story so much more than your typical thriller, because Jack Carr isn’t just writing about a hero that he made up in his head, a fantasy. He is a SEAL.  He is the real deal, so though he’s writing in this fictional format, there is a lot of truth, a lot of experience, a lot of authentic feelings, fears, and actions to draw from; he bleeds onto the page.  He doesn’t have to imagine it – he knows it.  And I think THAT fact is what made it even more of a journey for me.

Continuing … Reece loses his Team, and now his family, and his career …but he doesn’t stop being the intelligent, resourceful, master of all trades operator he’s been for the last couple decades, and fueled by his pain he begins putting the pieces together and starts seeking the answers to the question of WHY this happened to him and who is responsible.  He starts gathering the names for his Terminal List.

So, being the narcissistic asshole that I am … I’m going to stop the first segment of this review right here.  You will have to come back tomorrow to see what happens next - or you can go buy this awesome book, The Terminal List by Jack Carr, and read it for yourself.

Till next time,
~T.L. Gray