Friday, December 09, 2005

Crazy4Smallville's Weekly Review 5:9 Lexmas

Crazy4Smallville’s Weekly Review

Season 5
Episode 9

This was one of the most enjoyable episodes to date. I don’t think there were many moments that I didn’t enjoy.

We have seen the last of the Lex Luthor that we had all come to know, love and have compassion for. He died tonight, along with his dream for Lana, as the real evil genius mastermind survived. Alexander now reigns supreme in Lex Luthor. This is the Lex Luthor that I’ve been waiting for. I’ve seen a glimpse of him every now and again, but we got to see his last ride tonight. Who’d a thought the dream of Lana would be the downfall of Lex Luthor? I’m telling you – it’s the Kryptonic mutant effect she has on everyone. Lex is just one of her many victims.

So, Lex was having second thoughts about spreading the dirt on Jonathan Kent? I’m surprised he even hesitated. I doubt we’ll see anymore struggles like that in the future.

Lex getting shocked surprised me. I didn’t see it coming. I’m sure I stopped breathing; waiting to see if it had been a dream, but that revelation never came. I knew he wouldn’t die – let’s face it… we know he’s in the future with Superman, but in a way he did. The good side of him had his last ride… before he disappeared into the sunset.

I loved how they used the blue/evil light in comparison to the warm gold/good light. I liked seeing Lex in the good light for a change, but not as much as I loved seeing that maniacal stare at the end. Rosenbaum plays evil really well. He’s a great actor. He did a good job playing the good, confused, loving, doting husband of Lana. Listen very carefully, because I will probably only say this once – I enjoyed Lana in this episode. Lexana didn’t gross me out. Lana actually looked happy, acted happy, and was beautiful and sensitive. Now, if she’d only act like that ALL the time. Maybe Kristin should work more with Michael, because they had great chemistry together.

I loved the whole Lex as dad, husband, friend and humanitarian. I thought they were stretching it a bit at the end, but that is what convinced me that this was his dream – not a real Christmas future experience.

I loved how they had Chloe and Clark together – but come on… this is Lex’s dream. They could have had them married. Mythos didn’t matter at this point. That would have made the episode perfect. It seemed as though they were married, though they never come out and said it. Then, when Clark was talking to Lex on the porch, he said something to the effect about maybe never being ready to settle down. I assumed that was him implying that he wasn’t married.

I don’t think I liked Chloe in long hair. It just didn’t suit her. But, I loved how Lex made her into a novelist, not just a journalist. I liked how Lex made Clark into a full fledge reporter. I guess everyone can see that one coming, huh?

I thought Jonathan (as Senator) looked handsome. He was tall, strong and dignified. I knew the words that were coming when he was giving Lex the humanitarian award. I knew he was going to say that he was proud of him like his own son. I could have almost quoted it, as he said it. I knew this was one of Lex’s most desired dreams. To be loved by Lana, have a family (Alexander and Lily), be normal, have a budget, able to celebrate Christmas, be best friends with Clark, admired by Chloe, and accepted and respected by the Kent’s. This is everything the old Lex has desired. I believe those dreamed died, along with his dream Lana.

Lex Luthor has now accepted his destiny… every evil inch of it.

Now, onto Clark, Chloe & Lana –

I loved how Clark was willing to give up his time with Lana to help Chloe. He didn’t ask what first – he sped to her aide and then asked. I LOVED how he played Santa. I thought that was very funny. Now, I can tell all the little kids I know that Santa is really a Kryptonian. That’s how he can do so much in so little of time. It’s really him that flies, not the reindeer. LOL! I liked the “It’s a Wonderful Life” theme this show had.

I didn’t fail to notice the comment Clark made to Lana when she put the (gingerbread guy?) on top of the tree. He is still lost into his obsession with her being ‘perfect’.

Chloe doesn’t spend Christmas with her dad, her uncle or her cousin, Lois? Is she really that alone? Yet, she was selfless, willing to spend her time doing something for someone else. Yes, she was also doing it to further her career, but why not? It’s the only thing she has. Lana has Clark, Lois has her dad and Chloe is all alone. But, maybe she’s not as alone as we all think. During the Christmas party at the Kent’s I noticed something. Maybe it was a mistake, or maybe not. But, Lana spent her time catering, while Chloe and Clark spent their time huddled in the corner together, regaling the evening. Yes, I know they had to talk about Claus – but that could have waited for another time or done in another setting. Maybe it’s just the Chlarker in me grasping at any straw – but I found it interesting. Also, why was Lana wearing a black sleeveless shirt on Christmas Eve – when it is clearly freezing outside? I found that odd. Black usually insinuates being evil, having the desire to be invisible or having a cold heart. They could have at least put her in a red or green – make her more cheerful – but black?

Lex & Lionel – Boy, oh boy have the gloves come off. Lionel has finally got what he’s always wanted – a son of his own making. Yet, Lionel will also have to deal with the consequences of having a son of his own making. I have a feeling that papa Luthor won’t be around much longer. I believe Lex is going to retaliate against Lionel. Not just for making a life threatening decision to operate on Lex because he couldn’t deal with having a crippled son, but for the way that Lex portrayed Lionel in his dream. Lex will hold Lionel responsible for the death of his dream – in essence for the death of Lana in his life… for the death of everything that he had desired. Lionel has let loose a raging lion. That’s been his desire all this time, but its also been his biggest mistake.

This has been one of the best episodes of Smallville. The writers finally gave us some of the things we’ve always wanted, but knew we could never have. Yet – it was a good dream to have. I suppose now its time to get out of dreamland and back into Smallville reality – and watch Clark become the Superman he’s supposed to be and enjoy watching Lex as he becomes the evil genius mastermind he’s supposed to be.

I look forward to it.

This has been Crazy4Smallville’s weekly review. Till Next Time!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Magic or Supermen?

What is magic?
By definition it is: "The art that purports to control or forcasts natural events or forces by invoking the supernatural."

In short and by definition, magic is the use of supernatural power. What is so wrong about that? The greatest book in the world is full of it.

For every original there is a conterfeit, behind every action is a purpose, and the natural and supernatural co-exist with one another.

Supernatural by definition is: "Of or pertaining to an order of existence beyond the natural world. Of, pertaining to, or attributed to a devine agent."

The natural realm has been operating with the spirtitual realm since the beginning of time. For it was out of the supernatural that the natural was birthed and where it will one day return.

So, why is it strange to believe that the natural realm can interact with the supernatural realm and vice versa?

Is a prophet a prophet by his own choosing? Is a singer a singer a by his own will? Does man, who dwells in the natural, and subjected to the laws of the natural realm, choose and control what is supierior to himself? Is that not vanity? Yet, that is what man proceeds to proclaim when he tries to use the supernatural gifts that were given to him before he was even born to fulfill his own selfish desires. When man, who only knows in part, tries to control and use what he doesn't even begin to understand, then by whose power does he truly operate? If he is not superior to what he claims to control, is he really in control?

Magic, in and of itself, is not sinful and hostile to God; it came from God. However, when man tries to control, maniuplate and abuse the gifts that God has given him, that is what makes it a sin. Anything done apart from or out of the will of God is sin. The sinful nature is hostile towards God. However, when God (Creator of both the natural and supernatural realm - King of his kingdom )leads and directs his servants in all things supernatural, they (the servants) will be amazed at the magic that is displayed through them. Miracles will happen and awe will be displayed at the power of God.

Proverbs 20:24 - "A man's steps are directed by the Lord. How then can anyone understand his own way?"

Diseases are cured, tragedies are averted, hearts are mended, seas are parted, manna rains from heaven, water turns into wine, seas are calmed, fires are abated, etc. Nothing is impossible! The natural realm is subject to the supernatural. The supernatural supercedes the natural.

Yet, we in our finate wisdom try to superimpose our own will on the infinate. We want to be Supermen, but we don't recognize our own Kryptonite.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Joys of Editing

At first I dreaded the editing process, but I'm beginning to enjoy it, because I get to re-read, change and re-experiance my story all over again. It helps me to remain in love with it. With other people's work, I have to accept it as is, but with my own, the possibilities are endless.

I really love my characters in my novel. Magus, Sibyl-Claire & Azrael are like three of my children. I was there at their birth, and have watched and helped to nurture them into the characters they have become. Actually, they're much easier than my own children, because they don't argue back with me. My word is law.

Well, I'm having a blast going through this editing process. I've gotten some really good feedback from critiquer's and beta readers to help me fine tune it. It is turning into a wonderful story, and I'm very proud of it.

So, this morning before Thanksgiving, I give thanks for the gift that God has given me. I love my stories.


Till next time,

T.L. Gray

Friday, November 18, 2005

Smallville Review 5:8 "Solitude"

Crazy4Smallville’s Weekly Review
Episode 8

Wow, what an episode!

I love how the episodes start with the Daily Planet in Metropolis. It gives it a different feel… a more professional edge, unlike the laid back slow hum of the small town.

I love what they’re doing with Chloe. Not only is she dressing more professional and more grown up- but she’s acting that way too. I worry for her though. This was already a strong character, and the more they make her that way, yet not have her in Clark’s life as an adult, the more I fear for her. She plays such an essential part now, that it could only be her death that keeps her out of his life later.

I’ve grown to love the portrayal of Brainiac by James Marsters so much, that I hated to see him go. However, I loved the fight scene and the way that he went. But, you’d think for him to be so smart that it wouldn’t have been so easy for Clark to destroy him. I’m still trying to figure out how he had Kryptonian powers when he wasn’t a Kryptonian. Yes, he was made by a Kryptonian, but that still doesn’t make sense. It is not being Kryptonian that a Kryptonian has powers on earth. It is the fact that Kryptonians gain powers on earth because of the yellow sun of earth. But, on Krypton they didn’t have such powers, and were like us humans.

Clark’s suspicions of Jor-El are really starting to bother me now. We’ve already seen him go through his rebellion stage several times already, and you’d think that by now he would have learned what side Jor-El is on. But, Clark is being thick-headed yet again. How much more does he have to lose, and how many more mistakes does he have to make before it finally penetrates that steel head of his? He was quick to believe the evil reports of his father, yet it takes him years to believe the evil of Lex Luthor. What happened to the big speech he gave Jonathan a few years ago about always looking for the good in someone, and second chances? He hasn’t even given Jor-El the first chance. Also, if Clark thinks that all Kryptonians are bad, then why isn’t he? Shouldn’t he bad by ‘Kryptonian nature’? I’ve seen children of people, raised by others, yet still act a lot like the parents they’ve never known. Shouldn’t Clark look at himself, and make the first judgment on his parents. He doesn’t think his mother Lara was evil, yet he’s quick to think Jor-El is. Maybe NOW, he’ll get the picture, but I don’t hold out any hope. I still wish they would quit trying to make his so much more human than Kryptonian. He’s a superhero, not your average farm boy with a few special gifts.

Will the real Lex Luthor stand up, and while you’re at it, point out the real Lionel Luthor. I love the re-invention of both of these characters. I still hold on, even more, to the notion that Lex no longer lives, but Alexander. I believe that Lionel was referring to that notion as well, when he was talking about Lex splintering. The mystery that has always surrounded these two has been what exactly they know. I can tell you, it’s a lot more than they’re telling.
Lois is starting to realize there is more to this investigative reporting than sitting down in front of a computer. She’s starting to show her zest for uncovering the truth, and it won’t be long before she’s working side by side with her cousin at the Daily Planet to do it.

I absolutely loved her exchange with Lex Luthor. I thought she was being a judgmental little brat, and then Lex does his smooth attack and puts her right in her place. Where did her animosity come from? Wasn’t it Lex who didn’t press charges against her sister? Well, I guess she easily forgets like everyone else. Now, her pride’s been hurt. However, I think her attacks about his campaign comes more from her love for the Kent’s than being afraid of the Luthor control of the world. Yet, maybe not?

What really surprised me was Jonathan Kent. Did he never consider that Clark may have to give up his life in order to save Martha’s, yet without hesitation he told Clark to do what he had to, to save her? As a parent, I would have made sure that the child would be safe first, and then did what had to be done to save my spouse. But, maybe I’m the only one who viewed it that way.

I’m sure I’m leaving a lot out, but I have to save something for everyone else to talk about.

This has been Crazy4Smallville’s weekly review.

Until Next Time!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Crazy4Smallville's Weekly Review 5:7 Splinter

Season 5
Episode 7

I really enjoyed this episode. I think Welling did an excellent job sinking into the depths of the dark side. I loved how everything flipped – and the good guys were the bad guys and the bad guys were the heroes.

Clark/Dr. Fine – Wow, did he know how to manipulate Clark? He played every little card perfectly. He gave Clark the answer at the beginning with Judas/Christ, but Clark was thinking of the wrong person. He was thinking about Lex, instead of Dr. Fine himself. Twice Fine told him that he could trust him, I’m assuming there’s one more before a denial is given and a truth revealed.

Clark/Chloe – It’s obvious that Clark still has some reservations about Chloe, but hopefully her actions have put an end to those concerns. The look on his face when he hugged her said it all. I just hope they aren’t words of prophecy. I love the parent’s reaction to Chloe knowing. That was hilarious.

Clark/Kent’s – I think that Clark owes his parents a huge apology. He smacked his mother across the room and nearly killed his father. He’d be grounded for a very, very long time if he were my son, silver K or not.

Clark/Lex – At least we know that Clark is truly suspicious of Lex, and not just about finding out about him, but about Lana too. That’s just part of human nature – you know when someone’s after your mate – yet Clark isn’t human is he? It was good to see that Lex stood his ground, but how much more does he have to know about Clark? I’m pretty sure he knows enough to write a book by now. The tear that welled up in Lex’s eyes when he thought Clark killed Lana was priceless.

Clark/Lana – it is very clear that neither truly trusts each other. Lana keeps her secrets and Clark keeps his, and eventually those secrets will kill any relationship they have. I just wonder how much Lana already knows about Clark!

Does red or silver Kryptonite have any effect on humans, like green does?

This has been Crazy4Smallville’s weekly review. Till Next Time!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Masked Ranger Dies

A few years ago, I created this character on a messageboard, along with a few wonderful and talented women. They both brought out a beautiful balance to my writing and I enjoyed writing with them. We created some of the most hilarious stories and characters.

The Masked Ranger - the dashing and handsome hero, who always rushed in to help the Damsel in distress. He would swoop in, sweep her off her feet, but at the end of each day he would ride out alone into the sunset.

Ranidae Frog - Ranger's faithful amphibious sidekicked. Rani was smart and cute (with his slender green frog legs, red cape and mask.) He was always there for Ranger, even if he was little chicken. (Not that he just tasted like it!) But, Rani was a lot like Ranger, because he really, really loved the ladies.

Chawlie Ferret - Chawlie wasn't the brightest ferret to walk the earth, but he sure was cute. He was a bit on the paranoid side, but no matter what happened, he was always right next to his partner and best friend Rani. (Though Rani usually took advantage of Chawlie and made him to be his guinea pig.)

Then there were his Rangerettes - Sabrina and Willow.

Sabrina (Sabs) was the smart one - the more maternal one. She kept everyone in line, including Ranger. She held a special place in his heart. No matter how much he helped the Damsels, he always came back to Sabrina and her white leather outfit. White represented the pure at heart, and that was Sabrina.

Willow clad in her black leather and her extra pointy Xena bra, was not a woman you wanted to mess with. Chawlie however was obsessed with her, and she tolerated him. Willow never asked where or when - she was always there and ready to fight. Of course, she'd get mad if she broke a nail.

This was the perfect group of heros. Other came and went - but none were as good or blended together more than Ranger, Rani, Chawlie, Sabrina & Willow.

Tonna and her pink leather and obsession with shopping came later, along with Rocky the Racoon. But, the saga of the Masked Ranger wouldn't be complete without Jessica Rabbit. She was the artist and mysterious aide that would show up at just the right time.

Those days were good, but just like all other heroes, their time in the spotlight couldn't last forever.

The woman behind Sabrina is supposed to be writing down their exploits, and hopefully one day get them published. I really hope she does. But, for me - the person behind the mask - Ranger has died. His identity has been revealed and he has finally rode off into that sunset, never to be seen again.

For how could he survive without his Sabrina? How can he save the next damsel without Willow, Rani & Chawlie?

I will always remember the gang with fond memories, and miss them greatly. They touched my heart as much as Superman, Spiderman or King Arthur ever had.

You never know about the hero that lurkes somewhere deep inside of us. Sometimes it takes an angel (Celeste) in white to bring them out, and what is sad through the whole thing - is that none of these women will probably know how much they were loved and appreciated.

Until next time,

T.L. Gray

Monday, November 07, 2005

Masks - We All Wear Them

Isn't it funny that when we discover the mask of someone we thought was our friend, that we fail to see our own masks? Yet, we've always known they were there. Then, when your friend's mask is exposed, you begin to compare those masks. Is it searching for justification in our own mask, or are we looking for a level at which to convict our friend?

When we discover some really ugly traits hidden behind our friend's mask, it hurts. It always does, no matter what mask we put on our face. The tears still well up, because no matter what mask we wear, the eyes are always visible. The person we created in our minds doesn't exist anymore, because the truth is exposed. These are all just casualties of deception. But, what is our responsibilities... for we too wear our own masks. They're a different kind, but a mask nonetheless.

The answer is found in the truth. But, hearing the truth sometimes is hard. Telling it is even harder. For, who are we to tell someone else the truth, unless we are willing to hear it about ourselves?

Truth opens up a festered wound, to expose and excapulate the bacteria inside, in order for the wound to be able to close and heal properly. The one holding the scalpel must be very careful not to spread that bacteria to another, or cut the wrong part - which can cause more damage. Most of all - the surgeon must be able to recognize the bacteria, and discern what needs to be extrapulated and what needs to be saved.

I never wanted to be a surgeon - but it seems to be what I've been trained for. Nobody ever said it would be easy, but as long as I lean on my Father - and allow him to guide my hands - maybe we'll both come out of this better than we went in.

Till Next Time,

T.L. Gray

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Everyone who knows me, knows about my love for Superheroes. They know that I'm a sucker for a selfless hero, who uses their powers to serve the good and fight against the evil of our time. I guess deep down we all love a good hero, because it's been ingrained in our DNA to love good and hate evil. Yet, many of us wake up some mornings to realize that we are the bad guys, not the heroes.

I don't think anyone sets out to be a bad guy, but through the compromises that we make throughout our lives, it leads us down a path, that leads to the wrong road. As we walk down these small winding paths, that look harmless, we get so wrapped up in the scenery around us that we don't think about where that path is leading.

There is a final destination down every path we take, and only those who can get their eyes off of themselves, and their immediate surrounding, will think about where the path leads. They will either make a conscience effort to change their direction and seek a new path, or just blindly continue on the one they're on (mainly because its so familiar to them).

The one characteristic that all superheroes have in common is their selflessness. I've met many real Supermen in my life, who give all of themselves to fight for truth, justice and everything else. I'm sure they've considered the path they're walking on, and I'm proud to be walking with them.

Till next time,

T.L. Gray

Friday, October 28, 2005

Smallville Review 5:5 Thirst

Crazy4Smallville’s Weekly Review

Season 5
Episode 5
“The Masked Ranger Revealed”

I had expected this episode would be hokey and cheesy, and unfortunately, it didn’t fail to live up to those expectations. But, there were some amazing things mixed into the crazy mush pile, and I fear they may have gotten lost.

This just in - I interrupt this regularly scheduled review for late breaking news!


Well – at long last we now know the identity of the Masked Ranger. For those who read these reviews, but haven’t followed the Smallville Ledger Board’s “Adventures of the Masked Ranger” won’t know what I’m talking about, but those who do – we finally know the truth (or do we?) It seems that Clark Kent is the man behind the mask. Who would have guessed that the Man of Steel was the man behind the mask? LOL! At least it was a nice ‘kudos’ to the Masked Ranger, and I thought it quite hilarious. All this time many thought the man behind the mask was Michael Rosenbaum when it seems to have been Clark Kent. LOL! Oh, and the cape was nice touch to the Superman reference.

Now, back to the review!

I’m confused to the effects of the vampirism of Lana Lang. Did it make her act out of character or did it only enhance what she already knew and felt? If so, then does Lana feel that Clark is a whiny baby and her affections for him have waned? Because the Lana that was portrayed last night was not the Lana that is shoved in our faces week after week.

One of the reasons I detest Lana is the way that TPTB have risen her status in the mythos and life of Clark Kent. He’s Superman, and Smallville is supposed to be the story about HIM. But, sometimes you’d get the feeling that the story is about Lana –who happens to be some secret Supergirl. They’ve given her a role in Clark’s history, Kryptonian history, given her powers of an ancient witch and now has turned her into a vampire and given her a sample of Clark’s powers. How much more can she do without them coming right out and giving her a costume and nickname? The more they exalt Lana, the more they deflate the greatness of Clark Kent. In the mythos it was Lana who crushed on Clark – but he didn’t reciprocate those feelings. In Smallville, he’s a love sick puppy dog. Clark and Lana both keep harping on ‘destiny’ and how they were ‘destined’ to be with each other, when destiny has nothing to do with it. This storyline did nothing to move the main plot along. It only made Clark look like a really BDA (Big Dumb Alien) who let’s his girlfriend walk all over him.

There were some great things I loved about this episode though. I love the way it was told from Chloe’s narrative. I loved her interview at the Daily Planet with the Chief Editor, Kahn. (Note how the secretary called her ‘Chief’?) I think Carrie Fisher did an excellent job, even if I hardly recognized her from her Star Wars days.

I nearly choked on laughter when Chloe was talking to Clark on the phone and then swooped into the room. That was hilarious! I thought it was one of the best scenes in the entire episode.

I couldn’t figure out why Chloe chose to dress up as a nurse though. I would have liked her to dress up in a Supergirl or Wonder Woman costume – to give Clark some idea to his superhero status.

Now, for the pearls of the show – Dr. Fine and Lex Luthor! I hope that their interaction wasn’t lost in all the fluff and cheese that was slathered all around it. It was priceless to see the look on Lex’s face when Dr. Fine told him not to start something he couldn’t finish. I haven’t seen Lex look madder, or more evil – ever! I loved every single moment of it.

I love this character of Dr. Fine (Braniac). Lex Luthor could learn a lot from him. Maybe his influence is what causes Lex to become the ‘Greatest Criminal Mastermind of All Time”. I really hope they keep him around for a while. James Marsters seems to bring a level of excellence that the others could learn from.

I just wonder if Lex’s famously known surveillance system captured Dr. Fine’s “spikey” performance in the hangar. This made me think about the other FOTW with the same Terminator 3 powers – from Season 4.

In conclusion – I didn’t hate the episode as much as I thought I would. It was kind of fun and it had its great moments. It could have done without the whole vampire storyline – but hey – it’s Halloween, and I suppose a little fun was in order. But, if I were Clark – after watching Lana’s performance as a vampire – I’d be twice as worried for her to find out the truth about him being an alien.

This has been Crazy4Smallville’s weekly review. Till Next Time!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Smallville Review 5:4 "Aqua"

Crazy4Smallville’s Weekly Review

Season 5
Episode 4

This is by far one of the best episodes of Smallville I’ve seen to date. I think they did an excellent job. This is what Smallville is all about, and it’s about time they got to it. Next week doesn’t look as promising, but I have to say that I really, really liked Aqua.

I’m sure most of you think it’s the Aquaman story line that I’m impressed with, but that’s not what has me beaming this morning. It was great, and I’ll get to the points I really liked about it, but I must give the first portion of this review to Alexander. He made me proud!

There is no way that the Lex that we grew to know over the past few years still exists. Lex didn’t survive the meld; Alexander is all that remains and I for one am glad. My excitement doesn’t come for a love for bad guys, but because I now know that my hero will soon emerge, and I got a small glimpse of him last night.

Lex Luthor wouldn’t have even considered building a weapons system, but Alexander would. Lex wouldn’t have openly tortured AC, but Alexander would find pleasure it in. Lex wouldn’t have been smug with Clark about finding his pitchfork, Alexander would be pleased with the comparison. I think what little bit of Lex there was, finally died, when Clark told him that he had defended him.

Alexander and Clark have now chosen sides. They stand in the rink facing each other, gloves up and waiting for the sound of the bell. I can’t wait. I’ve been anticipating this fight for so long that I’ve already drank my soda, ate all my pop corn and my candy has been consumed. Let the games begin!

The next best thing I enjoyed last night was meeting Dr. Fine (Braniac). James Marsters did such an awesome job, he had me convinced he was a teacher and firmly believed what he said. His facial expressions alone had me mesmerized with every word. I was expecting that familiar British accent, but his American one will do. When he spoke of how Alexander the Great had already accomplished so much at just 18, I instantly thought of our own Alexander. I’m hopeful that it will Braniac who will truly teach Alexander what true warfare is. Wars are not won on strength alone, but on the genius behind the actions. I think Braniac will teach Lex how to truly become one of the greatest criminal masterminds of all time. I can’t wait!

The next thing that impressed me was Chloe clarity when it came to Clark’s role in life. She gets it, and he has just begun to scratch the surface. Clark has a lot to learn from his friend.

Ok, now I’m ready to get to Aquaman. Though he was much more buff than Clark (at the present time) he still a little on the immature side. Clark can learn a lot from him because he already knows what his role is in life, and is working on trying to fulfill it, whereas Clark still doesn’t have a clue. However, he needs to learn a little of the patience and humility that Clark owns. A.C. needs to have a little more tact when it comes to pursuing the things he wants, including women. But, I loved the way he handled Lois.

I’ve always known that Lois uses her crass attitude to protect her heart. She acts tough on the outside, but is very fragile and caring on the inside. The more she fought against A.C., the more I knew she liked him. But, this also set a high standard the next guy to come in her life. One that I’m sure only a Superman can fill.

I loved the way A.C. called Clark “SuperBoy” and mentioned the “JLA” – they were priceless. There were so many little snarky ‘fishy’ phrases littered throughout the episode, one couldn’t help but laugh at how much they went overboard with them. “Swim like a fish”, “swimming with the seals”, “dad runs a place down south”, etc. I could go on. I think I caught all of them through the show, but I’ll watch it again just to get another laugh out of them.

This episode was more in the way of how I’ve always pictured Smallville should be. I’ve waited so long for it to get to this point. This is by far one of my most favored episodes. Does this mean I’m in for a disappointment next week, because the bar has now been set high again? I hope not.

This has been Crazy4Smallville’s weekly review. Till Next Time!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Smallville Review 5:2 "Mortal"

Crazy4Smallville’s Weekly Review

Season 5
Episode 2

As much as I thought that I would hate this episode, I was genuinely surprised by it, and I enjoyed it tremendously. There were elements I hated about it, but overall I think it was well acted, well written and well executed.

But, as much as I was pleased, I was also very highly disappointed with some of the aspects of the storyline.

I am going to jump right to Clark and Lex first, because their storyline just jumps right out at you. Do you know what happens when you strip an all powerful alien of his powers? He gets a little common sense on one end and becomes totally hopeless on the other. Clark is definitely starting to grow up. Clark was able to foil Lex Luthor’s plans – all the while knowing that Lex had something to do with it. He put the pieces of the puzzle together for himself. I have to say that even I was shocked at how much Lex was involved, yet Clark had him pegged and confronted him about it. When Lex started with his ‘I was hoping to have a fresh start’ mantra – I noticed my brain was starting to shut down, because I’d heard the same speech over and over. But, when Clark reared back and knocked him one, I thought okay, this is getting interesting. When he exposed Lex’s plans – and Lex didn’t have a rebuttal – I jumped up to the edge of my seat. But, when Lex finally saw that Clark wasn’t going to be hoodwinked again, blocked Clark’s swing and hit back, I jumped in the air. IT’S ABOUT TIME!

The previews had you thinking that ‘everything you’ve been waiting for’ was about the relationship with Clark and Lana, but it was with Clark and Lex stepping into the roles they were destined to play. Alexander surfaced to the top, took off his Lex mask and exposed himself. NOW things will get interesting. So, YES – that was what I’ve been waiting to see for four years now.

Clark’s done a lot of growing up. He’s starting to finally realize some truths about himself and see a purpose for his powers, instead of viewing them as a burden and shame. I think he got a little taste of how limited a human really is, and how much more (with his powers) he’ll be able to do the thing that comes natural to him (whether it be by Kryptonian nature or human nature) and that is to be a “hero”. I think he’s starting to realize that it’s not his powers that make him a hero, but his heart and his passion. Clark has went around for four years thinking that he’s become Smallville’s ‘self appointed hero’ out of his guilt for being the cause of the meteor showers and the result to all the ‘freaks’, and because he has these super powers it’s his ‘responsibility’ to help. Well, now that he doesn’t have any superpowers, he’s still out saving people – yet he can’t do his job the way he was made to do. When a person does something, they should do it to the fullest, and Clark is beginning to realize that he’s a hero (with or without powers) and can now see the benefit of having the powers.

But, where he’s still his weakest is when it comes to Lana Lang. Now, granted – I actually enjoyed their exchanges at the barn raising and even their ‘secret moment’ in the barn. It didn’t bother me, made me want to hurl or even get upset. I thought it was sweet. I really admired Clark for telling Lana that she deserves their first time to be as special as she was. That was honorable, that was touching – and I found it to be heartfelt. I even liked their surprised expressions when they realized that the other was still a virgin, especially Clark’s. The look on his face was priceless. I’m also glad that at the end of the episode, they didn’t give us a free peek.

Yet, I’m disappointed! Clark has once again showed that his word isn’t worth anything. He promised Lana a special time – not a convenient one. Yes, he just nailed the proverbial coffin of his friendship with Lex shut – but that was not a reason or circumstance for them to have gone any farther than comforting one another (if that’s what happened). If Clark truly desired for that moment to have been special with Lana, then he would have done it after he made a commitment to her. Dating her isn’t a commitment. Even under the influence of Red K – he made a commitment with Alicia (even if it was her idea) – yet with the one he supposedly has loved all of his life – he changes it in for a moment of depression? I know many of you will probably disagree with me on this point – but there are those of us in the world that truly honor a committed relationship and view intimacy between two people as one of the most sacred and cherished of acts that two people committed to each other can share. Yet, we live in a society (especially in the world of the WB) that views it as a moment of convenience, as leverage, to be exploited for personal gain, to be used to fulfill a selfish desire, abused and perverted. If he loves her enough to be intimate with her, then why doesn’t he love her enough to honor her by first giving her a commitment before asking her to share her most intimate gift she could ever offer? Maybe his ‘human’ emotions were too much for him?

An aspect of the episode that I didn’t fully understand was Lana’s obvious disdain for Lex. Why does she so openly hate him? What has he done to her? Let’s see – he tried to get her out of Smallville during the meteor shower in one of his helicopters after he had been trying to protect her from going to jail for murdering Genevieve Teague. He found her in the middle of the road, took her back to his mansion, cleaned her up and left her alone. She wasn’t a prisoner and could leave at any time. She then lured two aliens back to his mansion, who tore up the place. Oh, and then he takes the murdered body of the woman she killed and made it look like she was killed by the meteor shower to keep Lana from going to prison, because I don’t think the defense of “I was possessed by a witch when I killed her” would work too well. So, why the disdain for a man who seems to have only helped her? Because of the shame of her own guilt and the burden of the secret she now has to carry.

The exchange between Chloe and Lex was awesome. It revealed to us how Lex has been feeling over the past few weeks – as a third wheel. He was pulling a ‘Lionel’ on Chloe, trying to play off her emotions about Clark, but it backfired. Chloe wasn’t falling for that a second time. I just KNEW that Lex was standing behind Chloe when she was standing at the table and mentioned Clark. Lex always has a way of being in the right place at the right time. I’ve always said that he’s seen too much, and overheard too much to not know what was truly going on.

Poor Lex though – after all this time, everything he thought he knew he now questions, because Clark conveniently lost his powers – AGAIN. He was right about Clark, but he went all wrong on trying to expose that truth. But, I’m glad to see Alexander back. I like him much better than Lex.

I LOVED the banter between Chloe and Clark. Clark struggling to do the most menial of tasks was a sight to see. Chloe’s nonchalant attitude through the whole episode was great. She truly loves Clark and has shown her dedication and loyalty. But, what she has shown Clark (which I’ve known all along) is that it’s not the powers that you have that make you a hero. She’s never had a superpower, yet she helps ‘save the day’ as much as Clark does. She’s insightful, inventive and ingenious when it comes to ‘solving the clue’ of the day. She’s a modern day Nancy Drew with a few more attributes. I love Nancy Drew – but I love Chloe Sullivan even more. She’s the new super sleuth for the new generation.

I was so glad to see my favorite sheriff return. Two things really stuck out – her overwhelming affection for coffee, and her blunt approach to all things Smallville. Her line about being just another day in Smallville, when the cop was pointing out the invisible field was priceless. I really do hope they keep her around. I love her humor, I love her accent and I love to see her on the screen. She’s sharp as whip, and doesn’t miss a thing. She played her part cool and then went right into action.

WE saw the Kent’s resilience again. Once again they’re held hostage and Jonathan gets tossed around, yet doesn’t have a mark to show for it. For a brief moment, during his fight exchange, I saw Bo Duke emerge. It was awesome.

The three stooges did nothing for me. They were really stupid. What did they think they were going to do once they got their ‘fix’? Keep going back to the Kent’s to get the next one? They weren’t too bright, and they didn’t really explain their powers too well. At one point – Mo said that the experience enhanced what they already had – so were they meteor freaks or were they some of the people Lex had hidden from level 33.5 that had been enhanced by kryptonite? Mo, had powers that he seemed to get from electricity, while Larry and Curly had this force field type of gift. Either way, neither was impressive. I thought they did a great job portraying addicts in need of their next hit. They’re relevance to the story wasn’t apparent until the end of the episode when it was revealed that they had been part of Lex’s plan to expose Clark.

There was a lot in this episode. Even as long winded as this review is, I’m sure I missed quite a bit. I thought this was an exciting episode. Though I dreaded it, I was very pleased with it.

This has been Crazy4Smallville’s weekly review. Till Next Time!

Friday, September 30, 2005

My Smallville Review

As many of you know, I'm Crazy4Smallville on the Smallville Ledger, Kryptonsite and Torch Message Boards. I"ve been posting my opinions on the Smallville episodes, since season one. No other show has my dedication like Smallville.

I will now start to share my reviews here on my blog each week after a new episode.

I hope you enjoy them.

Till Next Time,

T.L. Gray

Crazy4Smallville’s Weekly Review

Season 5
Episode 1

“Wow – and What?” were my expressions in this episode. All the Superman references made me sit on the edge of my seat in jubilation. The fast paced actions that moved the scenes along, and the awesome construction of the fortress of solitude – these were my “Wow” moments. It felt like I was watching Superman, and it was good. But, then there were the “What” moments that mostly involved Lex, Lana and Lois and the Zod drones. Not about their actions, but the reasoning behind them. I’ll get to those in a little bit.

The Fortress of Solitude – It was excellent, and I’m so glad they made it like the one from the Superman movie. That was the first FOS that I remember, and it made me feel like I was back at home – back to that place of familiarity and security. Clark’s trek across the snow drifts reminded me a lot of the scene also from the movies when a young Clark made a similar trek. However, it wasn’t the same circumstances or the same story. This Clark had to return before his training was complete, unlike the Clark from the movies where the training took fourteen years. I had half hoped that he would have flown Chloe out of the FOS, with flight being one of the few things he did learn, but I saw no evidence by the end of the show that Clark had learned anything. I loved it that it looked for a moment, when he submitted himself to Jor-El that he had finally accepted his destiny, yet we see at the end of the episode that he has once again chosen a selfish path, a human path, (let me be a little more specific – a Lana path) and forsaken what his father had offered him. So, in essence he did not embrace his destiny and is running once again to fulfill his own desires. There was that one moment when Lana was unconscious, before the sun set, that Clark had an opportunity to return to Jor-El, but he chose not to. Jor-El warned him that his decisions endanger the whole world, yet he still made it.

Chloe/Clark – It’s about time! I LOVED her references, “Super Clark”, “faster than a speeding bullet” & “take me with you”. Those were priceless. This is where the contrasting sacrifices are made evident. When Clark decided to stop his training to save Chloe, it was to save her life. But, when Clark didn’t return to Jor-El that evening because of Lana, it wasn’t to save her life, because the danger had already passed, it was for his own selfish desire, therefore causing his decision to jeopardize the whole world. It was after Clark had lost his powers, by making the decision that he did, that caused “Braniac” to surface. But, I suppose we did need a bad guy this season, other than Lex, to help Clark see his true calling in life is beyond Lana.

I thought Clark & Chloe’s conversation fell a little short of spectacular. I loved her reaction to him, when she found out that he wasn’t a mutant – but an alien, but I was disappointed that she didn’t tell him how she had helped him out when he had lost his memory just a few months earlier. Clark’s reaction was a little confusing. He seemed reserved of emotion. It just seemed odd – considering how much he over reacted to Alicia when she knew about his powers. That was the whole basis of his attraction to Alicia – the fact that she knew about him and accepted him for what he was. With Chloe, he doesn’t have to ‘wait and see’ if she’s going to be faithful with the knowledge, she’s already proven that she has been. I was surprised that when Chloe mentioned him catching a car with his bare hands, that he didn’t even mention Alicia’s name. Overall, I’m glad they had “The Talk”. Now, we can see them working together – the way it should be.

The graphics with the FOS in Chloe's eyes was awesome!

Clark/Lex – Well, it seems that Lex has plummeted over to the other side. Let me rephrase that – it seems that Alexander is still on the loose. I’m still convinced that the ‘good Lex’ is gone forever, and that it was “bad Alexander” that survived the personality meld from Onyx. I like this Lex much better. He’s devious, more daring and more in-your-face. But, there’s still something lacking. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe it’s because he hasn’t been given enough screen time and the true story of his intentions hasn’t been made clear, but I don’t mind being in the dark – for now. There’s always been an air of mystery surrounding Lex, and I think that is what makes him so appealing. This episode showed the real Clark/Lex relationship – with all their mistrust of each other, the way it should be.

The manipulative Lex shows his colors with Lana too. I loved it! So, he covered up Lana’s butcher job of Genevieve to make it look like she was murdered by a meteor instead. NOW, it will be Lana who carries around the secrets and hides things from Clark and be the reason for the lies and distrust in their relationship – and all thanks to Lex. He’s a genius.

Lana – Ok – I loved that Lana finally showed some selflessness by deceiving the aliens into following her back to the Luthor Mansion and exposing them to Kryptonite. But, what I don’t understand is where her blatant animosity came from? Yes, she saw a spaceship and then two aliens with superpowers – but she seemed to have had an instant hatred of them, and zeal to destroy them. This seemed very misplaced and judgmental. She didn’t know what their intentions were. When Clark first approached them, he at least asked them who they were, what they wanted and then made a determination as to what side they were on, based on their actions. Lana judged them before they even opened their mouths. Could she have judged them when they blew up the police cars with their eyes? Well, weren’t they being shot at? They could have been acting in self defense. But, Lana had already judged and condemned them. What will that do to her perception of all aliens? How will Clark ever be able to reveal to her the full truth about him? He won’t be able to. He already knows how she judges “meteor freaks”, and now her opinion on aliens will be the same. What chance does the boy have? I think Lex is a better companion for Lana, because he’s the complete opposite and could balance her out. However, I wonder about his devotion – look how long it took for him to help her on the road. I was about ready to slap the man upside his head going “Can’t you see she’s about to collapse – are you just going to stand there?” Also, how many times is the poor girl going to hurt her leg?

Lois – I love her, I really do, but I didn’t see a need for her in this episode. Yes, she helped out the Kent’s, but other than that she left no impression. She still chided with Clark with her bantering and insults (which I love between those two) but I thought that had she not been there, it wouldn’t have changed anything in the story.

The Kent’s – I think I’m going to name them “Super Mom and Super Dad”. Who gets beat up and thrown around more than Jonathan Kent? The man is a superhero unto himself. Their love and strength for one another is amazing. If I were a scientist, I’d be checking out their well water. There must be some meteor rocks in the well that gives them resilience.

Lex/Chloe – How in the heck did Lex find Chloe? If I were Chloe, I wouldn’t leave with a Luthor. I think it’s a nice twist, and I can’t wait to find out what happens, but this was one of the surprises in last night’s episode - that, along with ‘Braniac” surfacing from the dark ship. So, Lex now finally has his spaceship, but it seems he’s lost the ‘key’ again. Will he think that ship was the same one his father and Dr. Hamilton had found, and that houses that key – or will he know that it’s a different ship?

The Aliens - What? No fight, no great battle, no - nothing? I loved the spinning rings, the Phantom Zone and the prism prison - those were priceless. But, I was dissappointed by the lack of action and battle. They were weighed and measured and found wanting.

Overall, I was glad to see my Smallville back. I’ve missed them. I found many things exciting about Arrival, and it reminded me so much of the Superman that I fell in love with as a young girl. I look forward to the rest of the season.

This has been Crazy4Smallville’s weekly review. Till Next Time!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

In The Beginning

Well, this is my first blog ever, and it is good.
I'm trying to get my feet wet in this new world I've discovered, and I hope you'll stick around for the ride.

Hopefully, it won't take me quite as long as the new settlers to find my way around.

Well, let's see how she looks!