Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Prison Break

I watched the Season Finale of Prison Break last night - and as usual they left off on a cliff hanger. I didn't expect anything different - they've left each episode on a cliff hanger, surely they'd do the same for the season.

Anyhow, this season ender has brought up a lot more questions, much like the last two. But, I'm intrigued about this one. It seems to change the whole dynamic of the show.

1. Who is Michael Scofield really? It seems he may not even be 'normal'. Well, we already knew he wasn't 'normal', because normal people don't plan the escape of their convicted brother from prison, nor do they try to take down the President. I've always suspected there was more to Michael than what meets the eye. He's super-genius - now I don't think that's an accident. Is he a government and science experiment? Did his dad know this?

2. Sarah Tencredy - Well, the doc's now taken a man's life and Scofield is in prison. Is she going to crack now? She's already been through a lot - and come out of it. The Secret Service agent who was sent to kill her, ended up rescuing her and planting the seeds of investigation into "The Company" and her boyfriend's broken out of prison before - why not hope he'll do it again. However, I don't think she'll trust Lincoln will be the one to help him out - he's just not as smart (but he's very sexy). Will she discover the secret to Michael's 'condition' and help find a cure? We'll just have to wait and see how she plays in all this.

3. Lincoln Burrows - What now for poor Linc? He's now changed spots with his brother, but that doesn't leave his brother in a good spot. He's the muscle of the group, not necessarily the brains. What about his son, L.J.? Will he come back into the picture? Does this 'gene pool' problem run in the family? Inquiring minds want to know.

4. Fernando Sucre - Will he live or die? Will he ever see his precious Marie-Cruz? Will he see his child be born? What part does he play in the next saga - or is his role done?

5. "Pedophile Phil" (That's my name for Teddy Bagwell) - seems like he's going back to Fox River or is he? Wasn't it people from "The Company" he made a deal with? How much does he really know - or does he know anything. I've always known that Scofield felt guilty most about this convicts escape and the damage he's caused since he's been out. I'm still very curious as to how this all turns out. No one has the money - and really - only Michael, Sarah and Lincoln knows that it's sitting at the bottom of the lake.

6. FBI Agent, Mahoney - I have to say he's one of my favorite characters. He brought a whole new level of intensity to the show, but he's seems to have lost a bit of his edge. What was so great about him in the beginning was that he seemed to be 'like Mike' - having this super-genius edge. It was meant to be a battle of the minds, but somehow Mahoney broke down. Now that he's in SORDA with Michael, will they overcome their differences and put their minds together to get out? Is Mahoney a product of "The Company" like Michael? Will he ever get back with his wife and son?

7. Franklin "C-Note" - What happened to him? Where is he? I know I missed an episode a couple of weeks ago - but is he a alive? Is he still part of the program? Did he save his wife and daughter? I don't think his story is finished. He was framed while in the army - will he ever get exonerated and bring to light what was 'really' behind the set up? How does it play into "The Company's" plan?

8. "Boss" the ex-Prison Guard - Seems the redneck jerk is getting what he deserves after all those years of setting up and manipulating prison inmates, he's the one set up - but set up for what? Will he ever tell Sucre what he did with Marie-Cruz? Did he do anything? Perhaps he just had Sucre 'think' he did something. Who's got him? The Company?

I suppose we'll have to 'stay tuned' until the fall season.

Till next time,
~T.L. Gray

Monday, April 02, 2007

Temptation to Know the End - Harry Potter Series

I'm really anticipating the new release of the seventh book in the Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling. However, I'm also having a lot of reservations. I know that I'm going to be sad. I'll probably cry - that's just the "Sap" I am. But, that's not my biggest concern right now.

I'm wondering how I'm going to be able to read the whole story - all the while - fighting the temptation to turn to the last page to see if Harry lives or dies. That will probably be the hardest thing I'll have to do as I read through Deathly Hollows.

I just completed The Goblet of Fire, which took me a few weeks to read and will start The Order of the Phoenix tonight. Having read the complete series through twice already, I find no temptation to skip to the end. But - I'm biting my nails in anticipation for The Deathly Hallows, I'm not sure if I'll be strong enough to make it through the whole story without a peek. I don't even want to hear the 'buzz' or read any reviews until AFTER I've read it for myself. It's going to be hard.

I admire J.K. Rowling at this moment. What a wonderful feeling it is for me as a reader to have such anticipation for a story. As a writer - I know that has to make Rowling smile. This feeling determines if a writer is successful or not. That's what it's all about.

Let's hope I defeat the temptation to know the end.

Till next time,
~T.L. Gray