Friday, October 21, 2005

Smallville Review 5:4 "Aqua"

Crazy4Smallville’s Weekly Review

Season 5
Episode 4

This is by far one of the best episodes of Smallville I’ve seen to date. I think they did an excellent job. This is what Smallville is all about, and it’s about time they got to it. Next week doesn’t look as promising, but I have to say that I really, really liked Aqua.

I’m sure most of you think it’s the Aquaman story line that I’m impressed with, but that’s not what has me beaming this morning. It was great, and I’ll get to the points I really liked about it, but I must give the first portion of this review to Alexander. He made me proud!

There is no way that the Lex that we grew to know over the past few years still exists. Lex didn’t survive the meld; Alexander is all that remains and I for one am glad. My excitement doesn’t come for a love for bad guys, but because I now know that my hero will soon emerge, and I got a small glimpse of him last night.

Lex Luthor wouldn’t have even considered building a weapons system, but Alexander would. Lex wouldn’t have openly tortured AC, but Alexander would find pleasure it in. Lex wouldn’t have been smug with Clark about finding his pitchfork, Alexander would be pleased with the comparison. I think what little bit of Lex there was, finally died, when Clark told him that he had defended him.

Alexander and Clark have now chosen sides. They stand in the rink facing each other, gloves up and waiting for the sound of the bell. I can’t wait. I’ve been anticipating this fight for so long that I’ve already drank my soda, ate all my pop corn and my candy has been consumed. Let the games begin!

The next best thing I enjoyed last night was meeting Dr. Fine (Braniac). James Marsters did such an awesome job, he had me convinced he was a teacher and firmly believed what he said. His facial expressions alone had me mesmerized with every word. I was expecting that familiar British accent, but his American one will do. When he spoke of how Alexander the Great had already accomplished so much at just 18, I instantly thought of our own Alexander. I’m hopeful that it will Braniac who will truly teach Alexander what true warfare is. Wars are not won on strength alone, but on the genius behind the actions. I think Braniac will teach Lex how to truly become one of the greatest criminal masterminds of all time. I can’t wait!

The next thing that impressed me was Chloe clarity when it came to Clark’s role in life. She gets it, and he has just begun to scratch the surface. Clark has a lot to learn from his friend.

Ok, now I’m ready to get to Aquaman. Though he was much more buff than Clark (at the present time) he still a little on the immature side. Clark can learn a lot from him because he already knows what his role is in life, and is working on trying to fulfill it, whereas Clark still doesn’t have a clue. However, he needs to learn a little of the patience and humility that Clark owns. A.C. needs to have a little more tact when it comes to pursuing the things he wants, including women. But, I loved the way he handled Lois.

I’ve always known that Lois uses her crass attitude to protect her heart. She acts tough on the outside, but is very fragile and caring on the inside. The more she fought against A.C., the more I knew she liked him. But, this also set a high standard the next guy to come in her life. One that I’m sure only a Superman can fill.

I loved the way A.C. called Clark “SuperBoy” and mentioned the “JLA” – they were priceless. There were so many little snarky ‘fishy’ phrases littered throughout the episode, one couldn’t help but laugh at how much they went overboard with them. “Swim like a fish”, “swimming with the seals”, “dad runs a place down south”, etc. I could go on. I think I caught all of them through the show, but I’ll watch it again just to get another laugh out of them.

This episode was more in the way of how I’ve always pictured Smallville should be. I’ve waited so long for it to get to this point. This is by far one of my most favored episodes. Does this mean I’m in for a disappointment next week, because the bar has now been set high again? I hope not.

This has been Crazy4Smallville’s weekly review. Till Next Time!

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