Friday, April 14, 2006

Smallville Review 5:18 Fragile

Crazy4Smallville’s Weekly Review
Episode 18
Season 5

I don’t know if it is from the long hiatus or the fact that I’ve missed the last two episodes, but I really enjoyed last night’s episode. It was sort of nostalgic for me, like I was taken back to the early years of Smallville, yet it was mixed with all the changes of the recent events.

Watching Clark with Mattie was great. If that’s not her name, excuse me. I’m terrible with names and that’s what jumps out at me. He showed the world his soft, mild-mannered side. He’s starting to fill the shoes of his father – both of them.

I think this storyline was foreshadowing of the confusion Clark has about his own father, Jor-El. It was great to help Clark understand how important and wonderful his father, Jonathan Kent, has been in his life – but hopefully he got a clue to not be so judgmental when it comes to Jor-El. It’s clear to see that Clark doesn’t view Jor-El is a positive light, if not to the point of holding Jor-El responsible for Jonathan’s death – even though it was his choice to interfere with destiny to save Lana. This is very typical in a state of denial.

I also like the way that Clark is becoming in tune with Chloe’s feelings. He knew she was upset, yet she didn’t divulge the source of it. All he understands is that it has something to do with Lana. He wasn’t quick to jump to Lana’s defense, but showed he was worried about Chloe’s feelings. It was clear that she was hurt and he wanted to know why. He’s beginning to understand her moods. They are beginning to communicate without words. That happens with complete trust.

Lois was a little irritating at first, with the way she treated Mattie, but soon realized the error of her ways. Sometimes older siblings can be like that. But, what I loved about Lois the most was her banter with Clark about how he would have been hurt had he been there. That’s the subtle little things I love. They say so much. It shows that Lois still believes Clark to be the bumbling farm boy – who needs rescued himself – and she’s the tough one to do it. This was the magic that I loved about Superman & Lois in the movies. Superman would save the day, but Lois would think that she was the true hero – never suspecting the bumbling Clark and infatuated with the man in the cape. Not many notice that little subtlety, but I do and I love it!

Lex’s heart is getting colder and more sinister by the second it seems. His obsession is beginning to show it’s ugly face – and I’m glad. Though I understand his obsession with Lana (which is really a stem from his obsession with Clark – wanting all things that Clark has/had), I find it pathetic that Lana is yet once again going to play such a pivotal role in the legacy of our lead characters – first Clark and now Lex – and possibly Chloe too.
It’s not Lana I hate, but the power that TPTB have given her. In essence they’ve made her the true hero/villain of the story. She’s the subterfuge that everything else revolves around, when this is the story about Superman. Not only will she now be the true love of Clark’s life – the one he had to let go to save, but will also be the reason for the final breakdown and fall of our nemesis, Lex. So, in retrospect – it was Lana Lang that waved the battle flags into greatest rival of all times – apart from God vs. Satan. Somehow, they’ll try to make her the reason for the feud too.

But, aside from that – for a brief moment, I actually liked Lana in this episode. Well, now that I think about it, I take that back. I hated her righteous, or should I say unrighteous, indignation towards Chloe – for pointing out the obvious. It’s clear she can’t stand being faced with the truth. On that note, neither can Lex. I think she owes Chloe a huge apology, but I won’t hold my breath for it. Also, I hate the fact that Lana thinks she has to have somebody in her life. She jumps from one guy to the next. She’s never been alone – for very long. Usually, just long enough to make up her mind which one she wants. I feel sorry for her – because as long as she keeps latching onto one guy after the next, she’ll never figure out whom she is or what she wants. I suppose this portrayal is meant to show the ‘down side’ to being beautiful???

What did Lex mean when he told Chloe that now he understands why she’s never had a boyfriend? Was he being cruel-hearted and mean because Chloe got too close to the truth? Lex doesn’t like people to get too close – she might need to watch her back a little more closely than she’s doing right now. However, kudos to Chloe - Not only does she have the cohunes to stand up to Papa Luthor, but she doesn’t back down from Jr. either. She’s the true hero of the story.

So, now we have a new task of reading Lex’s daily blog. I wonder how long that will last. One, maybe two weeks before they pull the plug out from under us, just like the Ezra prophesies, the Classified ads of the Ledger, the Verizon emails, etc.

All in all, I think Tom did a great job. I loved the symbolism and backgrounds he used to tell the story. The glass in the background, the flowers on the porch, the fireplace in the mansion were great. Not excluding those awesome special effects when Mattie stopped her dad. The little girl who played Mattie did an excellent job and I thought the episode was great. It was the subtle things, like Mattie whispering into Shelby’s ear that won me over and told even more story than the dialogue.

This has been Crazy4Smallville’s weekly review. Till Next Time!

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