Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When the Bottom Falls Out the Ceiling Crashes

I haven't wrote any poetry in awhile, but I feel inspired this morning.

When the Bottom Falls Out the Ceiling Crashes

The sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach,
it won't leave, won't ease.
I toss and turn, dream in and out,
no rest, no pause, no release.
I can't get it back, the moment's passed.

As I engorge myself in mindless distractions,
I'm interrupted, disconnected.
I groan and tense, shout in and out,
no calm, no cool, no collected.
I can't find the peace, the anger's present.

The responsibilities pile up and fall down,
they're multiplied, divided.
I shovel and heave, cry in and out,
no relief, no help, no end.
I can't take the pressure, the hope's expecting.

When the bottom falls out the ceiling crashes.