Monday, May 09, 2011

Crazy4Smallville's Review of Prophecy

Crazy4Smallville Weekly Review - Prophecy

I made a promise that I’d review these last two episodes, and with a heavy heart I’m here to keep that promise. I’m already feeling the anxiousness of the series finale next week. It’s a lot like seeing your children graduate. You toil with them through all the homework, projects and extra-curricular all through Elementary, Middle and High School… to watch them graduate and then leave home for college. While you’re happy at their achievement, you’re sad because an important chapter in their lives have closed. That’s the way I feel toward Smallville right now. They’re about to graduate. With much pride, I’m watching them take their last steps until they leap up into a new adventure, disappearing into the sky above.

Anyway, let me get to this week’s review.

I love it! I love seeing the altar-ego of the mild-mannered reporter I grew up loving stretching his legs and getting comfortable into this role. I personally think he should have already made this leap into the mythos a couple years ago, but I guess it’s better late than never.

What is Lois doing? Is she having pre-wedding jitters? Marionette Ventures – how obvious is that? Marionette – puppet master. Easy leap. Oooh, Clark sweeping Lois off her fee to the Fortress of Solitude to tell Jor-El of his upcoming nuptials, cool breeze. Waited till the last minute, didn’t he?

Oh, no… not another power loss for Clark. Goodness, gracious. How many times does my favorite superhero have to go human on us? It’s kind of a broken record. The one good thing is Lois having his powers, but come on… with only one more episode left in the series… I think there are way too many OTHER story threads that should be tied besides this ‘non-essential’ distraction. I hope the rest of the episode changes my mind, because right now I’m really disappointed.

Oliver sliding down into a mysterious cave; Okay… that’s cool. I’m assuming it’s got something to do with Kryptonian symbols like my favorite Kawatche caves. What is Kara doing down there and how long has she been there. Kara is another character that I think TPTB went in the wrong direction. She started out with so much potential, but ended up being a character that I don’t trust her motives – and her betrayal, angst or even devotion (depending on which way she goes) just isn’t all that believable because her character has went through too many emotionally weak changes. Okay, what is the balance. I know Oliver has been marked by Dark-Seid with the Omega symbol – does that mean he’s the balance, having both a measure of good and evil within him? Or Oliver good and Kara evil, or vice versa? Not truly trusting either character it’s hard for me to understand what’s really going on.

Lois with super-speed reminds me of a high-strung squirrel hopped up on Starbucks. Of course, Clark is being all… cowering and a worry-wart. However, if I had Superman’s powers, I don’t think I’d be trying to figure out a story I’ve been working on – I’d be out leaping tall buildings, outrunning locomotives and zipping around the world faster than a bullet. I’d be trying out that laser or heat vision, or at least testing the limits of what brought me to that point with human boy. I just still can’t see how this scenario is as important to the series on the whole and coming to fast end. Not yet won over, but still holding out hope.

I love the ‘gold’ overtones they use in filming this series. It always evokes a ‘warm-loving’ atmosphere. Artic breath and broken heels… hilarious! Burgundy Blur? Really, that’s the best they could have come up with? Squinty head tilt… priceless. I actually think it’s a great concept of Lois not just learning about the ability of super-hearing, but the emotional and moral issue Clark has to deal with every day by having this ability. This is part of that … with great power, comes great responsibility. Yeah, it’s not in character for Lois to ‘consider’ other people, yet she’s completely selfless in her pursuit of justice. It’s the great character spotlight of Lois.

Bow of Orion – I agree with Oliver. If anyone is to yield a bow, it would be the Green Arrow. He’s the only superhero on this team that doesn’t have an inert superpower, but is super by his determination and steel will. It also doesn’t hurt he’s one heck of a lump of hunk. Don’t they make average looking superheroes or prince’s – so that it’s their gifts or powers that make them attractive? In real life maybe, but not on a popular television series. Wicked-cool special effects of that cross shot by Kara and Oliver. What happened with Kara. She’s so determined to get that bow – what could be so important for her to leave that mission?

Kara in the Fortress of Solitude – getting the third degree from Jor-El. Leave earth and let Kal-El embrace his destiny or stay and endanger his destiny? Is she being punished or promoted? This conversation puzzles me as to what her previous instructions were, because she was so determined to do her ‘part’, though I’ve never been really clear on the objective of that mission.

Controlling like a puppet – Come on… it’s not that hard to figure out. Holding water hostage. Winslow Shot – ToyMan – he’s such a childish character… much the way Lois was by running off all by herself. I guess she also inherited a sense of arrogance with those superpowers. Did she not learn anything watching Clark over the past few years – or at least since she’s known the truth about him? All the villains knowing all about Clark Kent and his loves… has always been an issue with me. This ‘common’ knowledge is more dangerous than any rock of Kryptonite. Now, they’re using him as the weakness for her. I can see that common sense isn’t a superpower – either transferred or inherited. Oh, come on Lois. You’re the one with the superpowers… how much more dangerous is it to give control of yourself with those superpowers to someone else. Don’t bargain with them… USE THEM! She should have reached through those bars and put a little pressure on doughboy to call off his dogs… or else zip on over there and round them all up when they come after powerless hubby-to-be? This is a really STUPID move. I’m still not impressed with this episode. Now, I’m actually frustrated.

Oliver at Orion’s bow… I love the imagry here. That silver-white and renaissance font make him seem Authurian. Oh, I love the quote… “You’re not like the rest of your brothers… you’ve got real potential”. Awesome! Can’t wait to see where this goes, although having only one episode left… not sure if I’ll ever see the end of it.

This puppet-geek is your typical maniacal loon. Its characters like this that made me love and appreciate the true evil genius of Lex Luthor. He’s bad, and you know he’s bad, but you feel for him and you want to see if redemption is possible, so you hope for it, but keep getting disappointed because he continues to be bad.

Okay, this power dance between Clark and Lois is really typical and unsurprising. I knew that in the last second… the powers would be exchanged. Trusting that a spineless nitwit to keep his secret, is really, really STUPID. It gives them hold over you, a weakness; a chink in the armor. Clark really needs to round them all up and get rid of them, or else he and everyone he knows or loves will always be in danger. This is a huge plot hole.

Clark back to the Fortress of Solitude, typical. Going to cry and whine to daddy about what he didn’t like. Ah, good speech. Clark Kent is starting to become his own man. Every time he’s given even a small semblance of this speech, his affection for some girl get in the way.

DID I JUST SEE WHAT I THOUGHT I SAW??? Was that a super-suit in that chunk of ice??? Now, my skin prickled and the hair stood up on my arms.

Well, so much for that high point. I can see from the look on Lois’ face… I know what’s coming. She’s going to cancel the wedding because she realizes the world needs Clark much more than she does. That he’s bigger than her.

Very touching that Kara also realizes the same thing… that in order for Clark to become the superhero he needs to be become, it can’t be about them. She has to get out of the way.

Lois finally stating that she’s Clark’s greatest weakness… and he’s hers. Very noble of her and my respect for her and her character just elevated. Lois being unselfish; A very touching moment.

Oh, I don’t really know what I think about that episode. I’ll take a few days and then see if something surfaces.

Well, it’s been a few days since I wrote that last sentence, and I have to still admit that my thoughts are still just as jumbled. I’m still not clear what the purpose of that whole episode was about. I felt it was unnecessary and that it was a waste of time and space that could have been spent on tying other threads. I guess until I watch next week’s episode, I won’t understand.

Either way, I’m really sad thinking about it because I know the end is coming… and its coming fast. While I’m excited, I’m also grieved. I’m really going to miss Smallville.