Monday, August 06, 2012

Vabella Publishing

I’ve always heard the phrase that you need to strike the iron while it’s hot, and if I’ve seen anything searing these days, it’s the rapid growth of Vabella Publishing, and I can’t express how excited that makes me. 

I met publisher John Bell in January 2010 when he was the scheduled guest speaker of the Carrollton Creative Writer’s Club (CCWC).  At the time I was a published author with a company out of Florida, and an entrepreneur working 16-hour days.  Needless to say, I enjoyed his presentation, but didn’t put much more thought into Bell or his company. 

What a difference a few months can make.   At a combined book signing with other CCWC members at Wiley’s Book Exchange, I again met John Bell, and was able to talk with him in more detail.  He expressed with great desire his goals and how he’d like to see Vabella grow.  Due to his level of passion, combined with my business experience, I found myself talking about distributors, contracts, websites, marketing and everything else I had learned about the publishing industry over the two years since I signed my first contract, and thus was born our publishing/author relationship.

After a few more months, being dissatisfied with the amount of time I had to market my debut novel, or write on my other subsequent novels, I sold my business and began the process of cancelling my contract with my previous publisher, and called John Bell.  He seemed very happy, and invited me with open arms into the Vabella family.  A few months after that, and a couple of rounds of edited galleys, my second book was published.  At the time, Vabella boasted of nearly ten titles and authors.  What a difference a year can make.  Now Vabella has over twenty published titles and more than a dozen authors, many coming from the CCWC.  I have recently published my fourth novel, and am working diligently on my fifth, and sixth and seventh. 

As you can see …Vabella Publishing is simmering hot! I wish John and his family much, much success.  I couldn’t be more excited to be part of such a wonderful company.  I am also excited for my fellow authors who’ve also joined the Vabella Family.  Congratulations and good luck to Dr. Robert Covel, Thomas Young, Rev. Harley Fiddler, Shelly Murphy, Rev. Daniel Patrick, Dr. Eleanor Wolfe Hoomes, Gary Spillers, Mary Wilburn, Jeanette Pickering, Georgia Adams, Jim Perry and Steve Davis.

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