Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Every writer, no matter at what level - neophyte to best-selling author - deals with the concept of rejection.  We get rejected by agents, publishers, reviewers, and fans.  It never feels good, but it can either build a stronger character within us, or cause us to break.  I've seen many writers rise above the challenge and go on to and become confident and successful authors. 

In our personal lives, rejection is much more damaging.  We walk through the day with our masks in place, hiding the fact we bleed inside.  We smile, we exist, but inside we die a little bit every day.  We cry in our cars in the middle of a rain storm.  In secret, we pour our hearts into black font, but never let anyone see.

For all those lovers out there, ready to celebrate Valentine’s, enjoy your day.  Don’t take it for granted, because there’s enough hearts out there …alone, rejected.  I’ve learned lately how to write poetry.  Never really cared for it before, but I guess it’s hard to appreciate something meant to feel when you’re comfortably numb. 

I woke up.
I wanted to believe.
I wanted to believe love was for me, too.
I wanted to feel wanted.
I wanted to feel desired.
I wanted to be needed.
I wanted to be cherished.
I wanted to be someone’s first thought.
I wanted to be someone’s good night.
I wanted the idea of you.
I wanted your kisses.
I wanted someone to place their heart into my hands.
Instead I hold onto my broken, rejected one.
I want to sleep.

Till next time,
~T.L. Gray