Monday, December 05, 2005

Magic or Supermen?

What is magic?
By definition it is: "The art that purports to control or forcasts natural events or forces by invoking the supernatural."

In short and by definition, magic is the use of supernatural power. What is so wrong about that? The greatest book in the world is full of it.

For every original there is a conterfeit, behind every action is a purpose, and the natural and supernatural co-exist with one another.

Supernatural by definition is: "Of or pertaining to an order of existence beyond the natural world. Of, pertaining to, or attributed to a devine agent."

The natural realm has been operating with the spirtitual realm since the beginning of time. For it was out of the supernatural that the natural was birthed and where it will one day return.

So, why is it strange to believe that the natural realm can interact with the supernatural realm and vice versa?

Is a prophet a prophet by his own choosing? Is a singer a singer a by his own will? Does man, who dwells in the natural, and subjected to the laws of the natural realm, choose and control what is supierior to himself? Is that not vanity? Yet, that is what man proceeds to proclaim when he tries to use the supernatural gifts that were given to him before he was even born to fulfill his own selfish desires. When man, who only knows in part, tries to control and use what he doesn't even begin to understand, then by whose power does he truly operate? If he is not superior to what he claims to control, is he really in control?

Magic, in and of itself, is not sinful and hostile to God; it came from God. However, when man tries to control, maniuplate and abuse the gifts that God has given him, that is what makes it a sin. Anything done apart from or out of the will of God is sin. The sinful nature is hostile towards God. However, when God (Creator of both the natural and supernatural realm - King of his kingdom )leads and directs his servants in all things supernatural, they (the servants) will be amazed at the magic that is displayed through them. Miracles will happen and awe will be displayed at the power of God.

Proverbs 20:24 - "A man's steps are directed by the Lord. How then can anyone understand his own way?"

Diseases are cured, tragedies are averted, hearts are mended, seas are parted, manna rains from heaven, water turns into wine, seas are calmed, fires are abated, etc. Nothing is impossible! The natural realm is subject to the supernatural. The supernatural supercedes the natural.

Yet, we in our finate wisdom try to superimpose our own will on the infinate. We want to be Supermen, but we don't recognize our own Kryptonite.