Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Joys of Editing

At first I dreaded the editing process, but I'm beginning to enjoy it, because I get to re-read, change and re-experiance my story all over again. It helps me to remain in love with it. With other people's work, I have to accept it as is, but with my own, the possibilities are endless.

I really love my characters in my novel. Magus, Sibyl-Claire & Azrael are like three of my children. I was there at their birth, and have watched and helped to nurture them into the characters they have become. Actually, they're much easier than my own children, because they don't argue back with me. My word is law.

Well, I'm having a blast going through this editing process. I've gotten some really good feedback from critiquer's and beta readers to help me fine tune it. It is turning into a wonderful story, and I'm very proud of it.

So, this morning before Thanksgiving, I give thanks for the gift that God has given me. I love my stories.


Till next time,

T.L. Gray

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