Friday, February 10, 2006

Crazy4Smallville's Weekly Review 5:14 Tomb

Episode 14
Season 5

Wow, what an episode – but what was I watching? It didn’t feel like Smallville – it was better! I actually felt like I was watching an episode of Supernatural or some motion picture thriller. It was great all over. It was filled with great writing, great acting and great visual effects. I was literally on the edge of my seat during most of the show and on the verge of tears at the end.

OMG – a Chloe shower scene! I didn’t think I’d live to see the day – and in the same shower that Lana had once used – Go figure! I thought it might have been Lois in the shower, because it was her voice I heard first, but it turned out to be Chloe. I was shocked. Did anyone see the scary face in the shower curtain? It sent chills down my spine.

I thought that something had to be wrong with Chloe. As smart as she was, I couldn’t believe she was taking a shower during a thunderstorm. I suppose since her mother left when she was younger that was one of the lessons she missed out on. Anyway, the whole scene was creepy. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw the body rush past while Chloe lit her candle. Then when she wiped the mirror and the girl, who looked like she might have been related to that freak from The Ring, popped in – I screamed! My poor fingernails are gone now!!!

Couldn’t Lois tell that Chloe wasn’t acting herself when she opened the door and saw her sitting there with her slit wrists? I mean, come on! This is Chloe Sullivan, one of the most driven girls in the world. Why would anyone just believe that she tried to kill herself? A person with goals and aspirations are not suicidal. Besides that… she was in Smallville. By this time EVERYONE should question EVERYTHING that happens in Smallville. Yet, Lois doesn’t question her cousin’s actions?

Tom Welling is getting so good at his craft. His facial expressions alone in this episode spoke more than his lines ever did or ever will. He was excellent!

Clark was the only one in Smallville who suspected that something wasn’t right. When he showed up at the hospital and Lois told him that Chloe had tried to kill herself, you saw this look on his face that screamed, “Ain’t no way… Chloe?” Then, he didn’t treat Chloe like a porcelain doll and just came right out and asked her why she did it. He knew that something wasn’t right. Also, I loved Chloe’s line about being a writer and if she wanted to kill herself she’d have one heck of a suicide note. I don’t know why anyone else wouldn’t have thought the same thing. I had been screaming for ten minutes, “This is Chloe Sullivan – if she wanted to kill herself, she’d make sure it would make the front page of the Daily Planet!” I did do the checklist as the doctor listed the symptoms of possible causes and Chloe had all of them, but Chloe’s not your typical ace reporter – she’s the best friend of Superman.

Then Lana shows up. It didn’t bother me that she showed up, I expected that. Chloe is supposed to be her best friend and her roommate. (Yet, I’ve never quite understood the friends’ thing because I’ve never thought Lana had been much of a friend to Chloe, but that’s another story.) Lana doesn’t question anything and she completely forgets everything about all the past events that have happened at Belle Reve – including what happened to Lex. But, she runs to Lex (which is understandable now that she doesn’t feel comfortable talking with Clark) and asks him to help ensure that Chloe is committed? Who the heck does she think she is? It’s obvious that Lana doesn’t know anything about Chloe. She should have run to her boyfriend and Chloe’s best friend, Clark, or at least her cousin, Lois. This moment wasn’t about her – it was about Chloe. She knew how Clark and Chloe feel about Lex and how they both feel about Belle Reve. Okay – I’ll stop there and get right onto Lex.

Lex could care less about Chloe, yet he had two alternate reasons to try and help her. 1. To win favor from Lana and be viewed as someone who cared. 2. To get Chloe into Belle Reve so that he can probe her mind and find out what she knows about Clark. I saw his stripes as plain as day when he showed contempt towards Clark outside of the dorm-room. He knew he had an opportunity to try and make Clark look bad at the same time making himself look like the mature one – in front of Lana. I hope she felt really bad and like a cheater when Clark came around the corner. She had no business involving Lex. Clark noticed her betrayal I think for the first time.

Does Clark not tell his mother what goes on anymore or does she just not care about Chloe? She acted like she didn’t know anything, not even a “How is Chloe doing?” I suppose Lionel’s appearance still had her all shook up. BTW – why was Lionel at the backdoor instead of the front? Is he a peeping Tom? I don’t know why Martha didn’t just kick his butt right back out of the door. Why does she tolerate him?

So, Lex is looking for Professor Fine? I thought he was dead? But, then again – if he was neither human nor Kryptonian, combined with the fact that his spaceship also disappeared, I think we will be seeing him again.

So, what exactly was the FOTW’s gift? To make (crazy)girls feel comfortable with him and tell them their secrets, yet he also told them his – so he had to kill them? Was it sort of like the gift of truth that Chloe once had? Could that have been the reason why only she could see the girl – or was fused because of the lightening? I don’t’ think it was the lightening, because we saw her face in the shower curtain long before the lightening strike hit. Sometimes I think its best not to try and figure out the FOTWs gifts and just go with it. I thought he did a great job acting psychotically freaky and the ghost girl did a great job of acting scary and Chloe did an excellent job of acting possessed.

And now… Chloe’s mom! I HATED that they didn’t show me her face, but am appreciative that they focused on Chloe’s. I choked up. The hard lump in my throat took at least ten minutes to go away. Clark’s facial expressions when he was talking to Chloe about her mom were excellent as well. It showed how much he cared about Chloe. It was completely selfless and had nothing to do with him. He was only concerned with her well-being and he used his own loss as a way to reach out to her. That was love. They’re comfortable together and they can be their true selves.

Like I said before, I think this was one of the best episodes I’ve ever seen. It didn’t really feel like Smallville, but it was great. Maybe this is how Smallville should be!

This has been Crazy4Smallville’s weekly review. Till Next Time!

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