Friday, February 03, 2006

Crazy4Smallville's Weekly Review 5:13 Vengence

Wow... let me wipe these tears from eyes before I get started. I was very touched in the last scene. Not only I, but the whole room was deathly muted for a whole two minutes. That was, until my sob broke the silence.

But, I don't want to start at the end.

Clark/Martha - That darn old tractor. Just about everytime we saw Jonathan, he was always repairing that tractor and now Clark has resumed his role, but he's not as good at it (or is he?) I mean, come on - can't they figure out how to fix it right the first time? Besides, Clark is Superman - why don't he just do the work that the tractor was meant to do.

This brings up another question. Clearly Martha can see that her son was not destined to be a farmer. Clearly Clark knows there's more in-store for him or else he wouldn't be off in college. So, why don't the Kent's sell the farm, now that Jonathan is gone? It takes a lot of work to run a farm and niether Martha (who runs a coffee shop) nor Clark seems inclined to do so. Perhaps this will be the next emotional struggle that Clark will face - to take his father's place on the farm or his biological father's place as a leader.

Martha getting rid of Jonathan's clothes was a sad moment in the beginning. When she offered them to Clark, in his grief and denial he refused them. Then he refused the watch. But, why would Martha take the watch with her to the community center? Anyway, I think her getting mugged was what brought Clark's anger to the surface, not just the watch. Once again one of his parents were in danger, yet he wasn't there to save them. With all these powers and gifts that he has and has used to save so many, he seems to fail with saving those closest to him.

Clark/Chloe - I love their interaction. We get to see more of the real Clark when he's with Chloe. He get's to be himself and I think the more he's free to be himself around someone he trusts, the more he'll develope into who he's supposed to be. She keeps him 'grounded'. Their fake mugging scene was hilarious and when Clark snatched that hood off of his head, I've never seen him look more sexy. Even my eleven-year old went, "Oooo".

Even though Clark didn't give heed to all of Chloe's advice, it still calmed him. Imagine the level of his anger had she not been there?

Martha/Chloe - It's about time! Chloe has known Clark's secret for how long now and without hardly any acknowledgement from the Kent's? Even though Martha went to Chloe for that support, and Chloe delivered magnificiantly, I felt there was still a wall up on Martha's end. Martha has, with open arms, accepted Lana, who has caused Clark more emotional pain than anyone,and made her feel as part of the family. She has also opened up her heart to Lois. Yet, neither of them know about Clark, nor can offer Clark the support he needs. Yet, here is Chloe, who has been Clark's best friend for years, she knows his secret and has been giving him support all this time, but she's only acknowledged when they need something. Like when Jonathan needed Kara's fingerprints and now Martha when she can't find Clark. The fact that she knew that Clark would be with Chloe should be reason enough to be accepted as much, if not more, than Lana or Lois in their life.

Clark/Lana - Okay, now I'm really confused as to the state of their relationship. The beginning of the episode was believable, given the state of Clark's anger and the separation at the funeral. When he pushed her away - it was plausible. However, her going out to find the watch (I won't talk about the plausibility of her getting to Metropolis and back to Smallville)seemed somewhat out of place. Yet, from a different angle it could make sense. In the sense that now the tables have turned. Lana was the one who walked away from Clark, because he won't be honest with her and open up to her, after all these years of him chasing after her. Now, she's the one chasing him, and he's the one walking away. Isn't that the way it was supposed to be in the first place?

Lionel/Lex - Who the heck is Lionel? I'm so confused by this character. I think he knows all about Clark's secret. Not just that he has super powers, but the whole Kryptonian history. Remember, Lionel studied the caves, he was downloaded with information concerning General Zod, he was possessed by Jor-El, etc. I think he knows everything. The reason he's against Lex, is because the son he wants right now isn't the one he's created, but the one he's discovered. I think in his deranged mind, he thinks that he can win over Clark and mold him into the son that he's always wanted. Lex has always been too weak for him (in his mind), but Clark is super. Besides the fact that he also has a thing for Martha Kent. However, Lionel doesn't realize how powerful of a son he has created.

How the heck did Lex know about Lionel and Jonathan's meeting, unless he's got camera's set up in the Kent barn. Wouldn't be a stretch, since Lex knows a lot happens in that barn. Someone Lex knows every move that Lionel takes - it makes me wonder exactly how much he truly knows about Clark. If he knows about Clark, he must also know what his father truly desires - and that is why he's able to foil his plans. It could also be the driving wedge in his heart, knowing his own father prefers Clark - much like everyone else - including Lana.

The FOTW - Angel of Vengence - She had a purpose - to show Clark that he can't let his anger rule over him. She also was a catalyst to drop some great ideas and direction for Clark in the future. But, other than that - I didn't really see a purpose for her, other than for product placement. I thought she was okay, but nothing spectacular. I think it would have been a better touch had she been the one to return the watch - as a sign of repentence and a possible future alliance with Clark.

So, overall - I liked this episode. It had a lot of elements crammed into it, but most of them were not plain and obvious to see. They were more on the subconscience level.

Till next time!

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