Thursday, September 07, 2006

Dream 09/07/06

As you all know, I'm a dreamer. I'm trying to pay close attention to my dreams lately, so I've decided to write them down. I'm praying for their interpretation, so let's see what happens.

The dream:

I was walking down the street when I came upon this gas station. It had many pump lines, but only a small square station in the middle where the attendant sat. Two boys worked the station. One pumped the gas, because it was full service during the day, and the other worked the attendent station. Neither was very good at their job.

The youngest of the two showed me around the station and tried to explain some parts of what he did, but he wasn't very consistent and often his methods didn't work. The station merely ran itself. The older boy, the attendant, seemed impatient with the younger boy and irritated at my presence, but they both remained polite.

During the day, I followed this cat to a house behind the station and discovered that it belonged to the owner of the station, though he hasn't been around for several months. The doors had been left open and the house was a mess. The attendent showed me around and I saw that dust covered everything.

I decided that I was going to stay at the house by the time the sun set. However, I needed to get rid of the wild cats and dogs that ran through the house. I started by locking the doors on one end of the house and pulling closed the curtains. I then 'shooed' the animals through the house and out the back door, which I locked. There are lots of glass sliding doors all through the house, with long curtains. After locking them all and drawing the curtains, turning on the lights and looking around, the house was a complete mess. I felt overwhelmed at the job that lay before me.

I started in the master bedroom. The room was dusty, musty and extremely messy. A huge king-sized bed sat against the wall; the headboard was a huge bookcase and held scattered books that lay half-open or oddly stacked. I straighted the books on the shelf and then peeked beneath the bed to find even more. I pulled them all out and stacked them on the bookshelf, arranging them in order by author.

Also stuffed under the bed was a mountain of puzzle pieces, children's costumes and games. As I pulled them out, two girls showed up in the bedroom, but I wasn't frightened by their presence. They were two daughters of the missing owner. They explained that their father was gone because he was looking for something that he lost and that they liked me being there. The older girl spoke, the younger remained quietly hid behind her big sister. I realized there had only been one other bedroom in the house and it must have belonged to the older daughter. She said she hasn't lived there since just after her younger sister was born.

The two girls disappear and I'm left in the house alone. I start sweeping out the dust.

So, what does it mean? I'm not sure, but I think it has something to do with cleaning out some unresolved issues - moving on to something else. What those things can be; I don't know.
I'm sure there are a lot more meanings hidden in this dream, but until I can see them, I suppose they'll remain hidden.

Anyway, that was my dream last night. I never have a boring night. It's always one adventure to the next. If you think you know what it means, I'd love to hear from you.

Till next time,
~T.L. Gray