Friday, September 29, 2006

Crazy4Smallville's Weekly Review 6:1

Wow, what an episode! I really enjoyed it. It was great to see, feel and hear something familiar amongst the world of change I've been going through lately.

The first episode after a long break is always the best for me. I thought the opening was fantastic with Clark in the Phantom Zone. I'm glad they used the same method from the Superman movies. I thought the graphics & special effects were great, especially when it came to the phantoms. I loved the continuity they have with Namek, but I thought the Phantom Zone fell a little short with the character of Raya. She started off strong, but then fell into a scripted information peddler. I was amazed though at how long her lip gloss lasted in the phantom zone, while poor Clark looked like his dehydrated lips would fall off at any moment. He must be a quick healer and learner. For someone who doesn't get hurt often, he can take pain pretty well.

I was a little disappointed with the opener. With a new network and a new season, I was hoping for a new opener. While I love the Remy Zero song, 'Save Me', I thought the rest could of changed. All they did was add a few new pictures to last year's intro. Perhaps next week, they'll have a better opener.

I loved that Martha and Lois went to the Fortress of Solitude. It wasn't a shocker that's where they ended up - seeing the snow-capped mountains gave it away, but it was refreshing to see Jor-El interacting with Martha. However, I think the conversation could have went down a little better than it did. Come on... this is Ma Kent speaking to the man she thinks has been responsible for her husband's death and her son's problems - I'd have a lot more questions to ask and a lot more to say than what she did. But, I understand time restrictions and needed to say what was necessary to move the plot along. I did love the fact that Lois thought she had died and went to heaven and her and Clark holding hands. It was a cute, touching moment.

I HATED the shaft that the Chlark moment fizzled. What the heck happened to all of Chloe's pent up emotions for Clark? It just disappeared in a matter of seconds at the sight of Jimmy Olsen. Now, granted - Chloe and Jimmy share a bond, but obviously not a strong one at this point - because they haven't even talked to each other for a couple of years. Here Chloe is, knowing everything about Clark and how great he is - and who she's carried an immense torch and love for over a decade and she loses sight of that in one moment? That bit of crap I can't seem to swallow. Clark seemed to have been considering a possible relationship with Chloe and he thought her feelings were true, to have her shoot him down before he even got his foot in the door. He's was great to back-up and let it go, but as a viewer who has strongly believed in the love that has been held between these two characters over the past six years - I felt cheated. I was really disappointed. While I do want to see Chloe persue a relationship with Jimmy - the way she just shut her feelings off - like simply turning a water spigot, didn't sit right with me.

Jimmy - I love the new Jimmy Olsen and I thought it was hilarious as he described his first day at the Daily Planet. I think he's going to do great! I loved the CK reference.

Lana - does the girl have to tempt EVERY man in the known galaxy? Is she the weakness of every member of the male population. Can she be something besides the object of desire or obsession??? If it isn't every run-of-the-mill FOTW, the football team, the local superhero, the arch nemesis that has fallen under her spell... she's now got the ultimate villian wanting her to have his heir. And they wonder why we 'women' don't like Lana. It's not Lana we don't like, but the way she's used and portrayed. She's the real Kryptonite of the show. While she may be able to kick some butt and take a beating, she never seems to have a blemish on that perfect face of hers. Is there any depth or substance to the girl?

Lionel - I loved that a few years ago, Lionel was trying to have Chloe killed and now we see him almost sacrificing himself to save her. What a turnaround. Also, he easily reconciled to the fact that he must kill his son, Lex. I think a little too quickly. While I agree - I can't help but to think that there is still part of the old manipulative Lionel in there somewhere. He's worked his whole life to develope the Lex we have before us - and to soo easily see that destroyed, I don't buy it. Besides, we know that he flat out lied to Martha about not being able to channel Jor-El anymore or not being able to understand Kryptonian. Perhaps he's not hearing Jor-El, but he's still retained some of his knowledge of the Kryptonian language. But, is he the new Lionel or the old one? It will be interesting to find out.

Lex/Zod - I loved it. I think Rosenbaum did an excellent job of being the mean, uncaring, manipulative overlord. It's a role I think he was meant to play. Being such the jokester he is, his playing serious bad dudes seem to work great for him. However, I do have one gripe and it deals with the delivery of the line I've waited to see for two years now.... "Kneel before Zod!" I was expecting a little bit more punch to that line. Terrance Stamp did such an impressionable delivery in Superman II, that he set the bar high. While Rosenbaum did an excellent job with the characterization of Zod, I think he missed the delivery of that particular line. BTW - I loved the phantom image of Stamp's Zod as he was pulled from Lex. AWESOME!

Clark - I saved the best for last and that's the way it should be. I thought Welling did an excellent job with Clark, other than perhaps being a little more overwhelmed and hurt in the Phantom Zone. I know he's a super man here on earth, but there he could be his young, inexperianced wimpy self. But, other than that - and that horrible bad judgement of not grabbing Chloe and laying one on her like he wanted to - he did a good job. There was this one moment when he got back from the Phantom Zone that I thought he was going to take off and fly - but he didn't. At the end of this series I better see the tights and the flight or else I will scream bloody horror. Clark's growing up and I think his vision of Jor-El is finally starting to change. He's starting to realize he's been wrong about him all this time and hopefully, will start to embrace his destiny, much like the way he embraced Lois' hand.

Well, that's about it for now. I'm sure I'm leaving a whole lot out, but that should have covered most of the major points.

Till next time!

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