Friday, September 24, 2010

Crazy4Smallville's Weekly Review - Episode 1 - Final Season

You will not believe the response I received when I posted I was going to start up my weekly Smallville review. 

Wow, what a start.  They even threw in a few flashbacks from the first episode, the pivotal point scene of him hanging on the scarecrow cross.  The music really sets the mood, filling my heart full of excitement and giving me just a tiny morsel of goodness in one flash after the next.  Lex Luthor standing in the open field in his white suit?  Anyone remember Cassandra's prophecy?  Oh, man... I already know I'm going to cry at the end of this season.  This has been a decade full of being obsessively teased and never getting any farther than simple foreplay.  Now after nine long seasons... it's the wedding night and looks to be one heck-of-a honeymoon (especially since it's followed up by Supernatural.)

Chloe - what can I say about her?  I fell in love with this character from episode one.  Her charm, whit and intuiton always had me standing in her corner.  I can't help but notice her 'green' outfit.  Is this a hint.. hint.. that perhaps The Green Arrow/Oliver is finally the one made for her?  She deserves to be loved.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the banter between Lois and Clark.  I love that she knows, but doesn't tell him.  I love that he doesn't know she knows and still tries to hide it.  Still wonder when he'll get his 'kiss of forgetfullness'. 

UUUUHhhhhh. What on earth is Chloe thinking putting on that helmet?  Come on, she's too intellegent to do something so stupid.  I don't want to hear some excuse about stepping off the ledge to save the one you love bologne either.  With the resources she has at her fingertips, not to mention a SUPERMAN at her side... surely she could find Oliver.  I know she will have to 'decrease' this season in order for the real hero to 'increase', but that doesn't mean I'm going to have to like it.  Chloe's been my hero for nine seasons now.  Please, please.... I'm begging... don't let her go the Lana Lang way.  Don't let Oliver be her Kryptonite. 

Have I told anyone lately how hot Oliver is?  Well, let me tell you... he's volcanic. Who is this guy who's got the Green Arrow, chained up and torturing? Love that sarastic sense of humor Oliver has always had.  I have to give kudos to the writers and the actor for keeping consistency into this character.  Oooch... that looks like it hurt!

Will this woman never die?  Oh, and let me guess.. she won't have any residual scars either.  Yep... This character has grown on me, but I still miss Lex. Michael Rosenbaum needs his butt kicked and he needs to get back to what he does best.  LX4?  Is that clone failure number 4?  Uh-oh.. Little Lex on the scene.  Is this how they're going to bring the character of Lex back, without Rosenbaum?  I hope not.  I suppose this is the literal split personalities of Lex Luthor.  They could have at least got some hot looking bald dudes.  It's been my experience that the better they look on the outside, the uglier they are on the inside.  The method that works is making us "hate to love" and "love to hate".  They always make the best characters. 

Bye Clark?  Bye Clark?  I'm not even going to think about what that means.

The Kent barn.  I used to hate that barn, while Lana invaded it.  I really don't mind Lois being there.  Seeing that suit.... OMG.  Is that the same suit from the last Superman movie?

UGH... I HATE this Lex Luthor.  I want Rosenbaum.  These better just be clone rejects, and in the end (I can wait till the end of the season - I've waited ten years to see a man fly in a red, yellow & blue tights) see the real Lex. No offense to the new actor, but it just isn't the same.

Lois tied to Clark's cross, great symbolism.  My husband says, "Hey, her shirt's supposed to be off!"  I have to concur.  If Lex wanted to truly re-create the moment... Lois needed to be shirtless and also have a green necklace.  But, coming back to earth - I loved how Lois replaced Lana's meteorite necklace, being Clark's true Kryptonite.  Great bit of writing there.  Kudos... to whoever thought of that.

Lex, even if he is just one part, giving a lecture on someone else' sin?  Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?  Nevermind.  I remember now... Lois Lane or even Kryptonite isn't Clark's greatest weakness... humanity is. 

Is he going to fly??  Is he going to fly? Or was that still just leaping a tall building?  Oh yea... THE SUIT!!!!  What happened?  The suit transported him to the Fortress of Solitude.  For a second, he thought he was flying?  The greatest enemy - pride. That's not Jor-El.  That's Braniac!!!  Jor-El would never say that.

Okay, the sad music is working too well. Chloe giving herself up for Oliver. Lois giving up Clark so he can save the world. Tess giving up her own quest to help little Alexander.

Johnathan Kent. Oh, my God. What a sight for sore eyes. I’m almost in tears. Now these are the words from a real father. This makes me think… has Jor-El all along just been Clark’s own conscious? Is Jonathan real, or just as Clark would remember, saying what he would say? To be a hero, Clark must first see himself as a hero. We are as we think we are. Victorious, failures, or over-comers… it’s up to us. Clark battles within him the nature of man and the spirit of Superman.

My heart nearly palpitated to a sudden stop thinking that Clark was in the suit, in the crystal chamber. I CAN’T WAIT. Ten years have been long enough. Okay… I’ve got to calm down now and find out how Dean is going to rescue Sam out of hell. It’s been so nostalgic writing this review. I’ve really enjoyed it. See you next week.

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(Author T.L. Gray)