Friday, October 01, 2010

Crazy4Smallville's Weekly Review - Episode 2 - Final Season

Last week got me excited like I haven’t been in a long time for Smallville. This week, I’m hoping some of that excitement will remain.

Here we go…

Africa looks hot and dry. Star-crossed lovers? Ooooh, Hawkman. Don’t tell me there’s going to be another love triangle. Isn’t the Clark, Lois and Superman (or currently known as The Blur) enough.

Look at Chatty Kathy – or Katherine… fresh off the farm. Can someone say, “Chloe-clone wannabe?” Clark’s new partner??? LOL! Clark wanted a challenge… well, it looks like he got one – a cute, fresh-faced, mindless-can’t-think-for-herself and hides that judgmental dagger behind pale pink lipstick kind of challenge. Her perfectly lined pearly whites didn’t distract me from missing the plea for Clark to come out in the open. Let’s hope he does soon – but not just to shut up Chatty Kathy and her precious Godfrey.

Why does Oliver doubt that email is from Chloe? I can’t image what deal she had to make, and to whom? She had Superman at her side… there’s no reason for her to give in to some other threat. To do so, is giving this ‘unknown’ threat more power than Clark. I’m hoping this ‘unknown’ plan is something great in the end.

Who is Hawkman texting - Clark, Justice League or Chloe? Lois, don’t drink it. I’ve learned in the land of television, never drink anything. Clark as the ancient sun god Ra? Makes sense to me. LOL! Was there something in that tea to quiet the ever incessant Lois, but not strong enough that warrants pulling out the liquor? Oops, Hawkman messed up, he mentioned Clark – when Lois never had. That tells Lois that he knows something he’s not telling.

Awesome! Those graphics were so cool, but I want to know who the Gunslinger was that shot the bullet. How is Clark going to explain that save? For a few minutes I thought we were going to be free of our new ace reporter, but alas… now I must continue to speculate whether or not she’s a mole sent to expose these ‘masked heroes’ for the villains she thinks they are.

Grant? That bullet was meant for Kat. Was it meant to get rid of her or test Clark for super abilities? The lady doeth protest too much. Who is Godfrey? Who’d want to kill her? I could think of a few people. However, I tend to think that she wasn’t the real target, just the mouse for the trap.

You know what isn’t fair? I’ve watched this show for ten years… and for ten years I’ve waited to see her happy. At the point she get’s happy, something happens to remove the object of that happiness. What does Oliver want with Kat? Why is he investigating her? How did he even hear about her? Who is Kat Grant? She’s a witness to what event with this Deadshot?

Ha, ha, ha… like a bullet can hurt Clark!!! Shows what he knows.

Hmmm? Changed her name? Her son, Adam? Usually a name for a first born, but this makes me wonder the first born of what or who?

Does Lois ever shut up? She over-thinks everything. I understand (I am a guilty over-thinker)… but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. I love that line… “For every great relationship that comes with a great burden, is also comes with a great strength to carry it.”

LOL… I saw that slap coming from a mile away. Well, darn it… looks like we’re going to have another love triangle.

“Hello Kitty”? I liked Chatty Kathy better as a blonde too. Seems our little intrepid reporter’s got a few skills. There’s that ‘people need to be inspired by someone who stands in the light’ again.

Okay… what were the bullets and the water laced with? Who is Commando and Deadshot? Who do they work for? For those of us who haven’t perhaps read a comic book… we find ourselves in the dark. Is Mama Kent behind this as the Red Queen? It’s not the Kandorians and Checkmate was destroyed. Lex is somewhat back… is this perhaps some new evil gang of his? Whoever it is… they know about Clark, Hawkman, Oliver, etc. Crimefighters?

Chloe faked her own death? You tell him, Oliver. You do have to forge your own fate… and come out of the shadows. Evil lurks in the shadows while goodness stands in the light.

Are the CrimeFighters Level 33.3 left overs?

Love all the philosophy… and especially…. SUPERMAN! It’s about time that name popped-up.

Okay… goose-bump moment; Red leather jacket… American Flag waving in the background… Oh, what a tease! You’d think after a decade, I’d be immune. This has been one heck of a courtship.