Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Writing - Why It's Better Than Sex

I must begin this blog by telling you I'm 40, not 20.  I'm not sure a 20-year old would understand half of what I'm about to say, so there's no sense for them to read past this sentence.  Now for the rest of us - let me try to briefly explain why I think writing is better than sex.

  1. Sex only provides a temporary sense of satisfaction, that is if it's done properly.  In order for it to be of use at a later point in time, it would have to be repeated.  Not so with writing.  A brief moment of brilliance can be recorded and revisited any time in the present or future.
  2. Sex requires the participation of two or (as in some cases)  more individuals. Masturbation doesn't count. Writing can be a collaborative effort, but it only requires one person, one mind, one idea and be equally, if not more, satisfying.
  3. Sex requires great physical exertion and writing only requires the minimum effort- mostly from the largest muscle in the body - the brain.  For those with physical disabilities, sex isn't an option.  With many of today's technological advances, even paraplegics and the severely handicapped are able to express their thoughts and ideas in written/electronic form. 
  4. Sex carries a risk of disease, unwanted pregnancy and physical harm.  Writing only carries the risk of a bad idea or carpel tunnel syndrome. 
  5. Sex confuses emotions.  Writing helps to sort them out.
I could go on and on, but I think I'll stop there.  I've heard, more times than I'd like to admit of people expressing the idea that they couldn't live without sex.  Of course, this is usually spouted from young people whose hormones are raging without much self control, or perverts who really need a lot of help.  I'm older now, a little bit more wiser and can see the world beyond physical satisfaction. I too once thought the world revolved around me, but my eyes have widened and I realize there's a whole world of people out there and we all are on the same rotating rock.   I too used to think 'sex' was the answer to a lot of things, but having been through many things I've learned sex only complicated matters, never solved them.

Emotions, physical or not, are most often misleading.  Our outbursts sometimes are not directly linked to the things we say with our mouths.  It's only a symptom of a much deeper issue - one we're usually trying to avoid. Sex often times is usually evoked to mask or ignore those symptoms in a hope of making them disappear.  Those stubborn issues don't go away until we face them, no matter how much sex we have.  Writing has been the avenue for me that brings those deep-seeded issues to the surface - forcing me to see them, face them and then act to deal with them.  Sex has never done that for me.

Now, I just want to make it perfectly clear that I have NOTHING against sex.  I like sex.  I'm just saying that in my experience with both sex and writing, I find writing the better of the two.

Now, for those whose cheeks are pink at the bluntness of this subject, surprised by my audacity to speak about such a taboo and dirty-little subject - you can go back into your little boxes.  I'm done for the day. I bet throughout this day or in the days to come, you too will come across another reason why writing is better than sex.  And for those of you who NEVER write - I want you to know I still believe in miracles. 

Till next time,
~T.L. Gray