Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Support or Sewer System

How can we identify when, or if, our support system becomes, or turns out to be, a sewer system instead? 

Simply – consider everything you pour into others, or is poured into you.  Then determine whether it nourishes and feeds or is flushed down the drain?  Fertilizer isn’t any good unless it’s applied to crops.  If the people you are hanging around, seeking advice from, and whom you depend upon for inspiration and motivation only consume but never plant into your life, then you’re nothing more than a toilet.

I’ve met many a writer who haven’t done much in their own writing career (doesn’t have to be successful, but at least be productive), but tend to want to tell everyone else what ‘they’ should do.  This usually prompts me to put on my gardening gloves and move right along.  I don’t take their ‘word’ for it, but a quick glance in their garden tells me everything I need to know.  Writers don’t have time to spend admiring weeds.  Let’s look for nutritional value, something that will inspire and light a fire within us, and eventually lead us to some semblance of success. 

I’m desperately seeking good, fertile ground, somewhere that will nourish my roots, and where I’ll get plenty sunshine and rain.  So, I’ve learned a new skill lately, it involves a pruning sheer, a shovel, and a nose for good support, and I’m quick to use the flush for everything else.

Till next time,
~T.L. Gray

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