Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Jump! Another Blog Hop!

Check out this mini-interview and blog hop by fellow writer George Wells.

"Dude, where have you been?  Busy.  I’ve been busy.
Hey! Maybe a bloghop will light a fire under my ass. My friend Katie Stephens, made me do this.  It’s all her fault.

Q: What am I working on?
So many things that I’m getting nowhere on all of them.

First, there’s my dysfunctional family novel, which is taking a long time, since it’s multigenerational and I want to get all of the time frames right.  That means research, because I hate it when novels don’t get the details right.  Besides little things like knowing how long a car drive from point A to point B would be in California in the late ‘60s, for example, I’m learning a lot about mental illness, alcoholism, psychology, childbirth, etc.  So much work, but so fascinating.

Then, I’m working on a short story cycle around a small Mexican town called El Olvidado (The Forgotten).  It’s a terrible place and terrible things happen to its inhabitants, but I’m in love with those poor souls.  The first in that series, Patron Saint of the Lowlands, came out in Spark: A Creative Anthology, Volume II, another is looking for a home, five more are in the polishing stages, and the rest are still rattling around my noggin.

Finally, I’m venturing into poetry this year.  I hope to have good news on that front soon."

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