Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Existential Crisis

Being self-aware, trying to understand the meaning of life, or finding philosophical truths in the human condition can sometimes be life-changing - other times it can be burdensome.  We seem to find our deepest worth in our intimate understandings and our insignificance by seeing beyond ourselves and observing the vastness of the universe.  But those moments we find ourselves in-between are the moments we enter into an existential crises –a moment when we experience the complexity and beauty of humanity.

God, I’m amazed that among the hate, the struggle, the fighting, the bickering, the posturing, the judging, and the surviving are those beautiful moments of amazing love, joy, peace, and beauty - laughter and tears - hope and fear. Being alive in the world we truly do experience both Heaven and Hell… right here, right now, from one moment to the next.   

Love.  The most powerful force in the universe – the thing that defines us most – the passion that drives us – the hope that fills us – the mystery that eludes us – the desire we crave most. It alone builds us or tears us down.

Love one another.  Love me. Let me love you back.

Till next time,

~T.L. Gray

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  1. Another beautiful thought, TL. Always the philosopher.