Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Take the Scenic Route

To my deepest core, I’m an adventurer. I was born a rambler, a gypsy, a vagabond.  Not by choice, I’ve spent the first part of my life moving from place to place, searching for myself over and over, and experiencing different places. In contrast, I’ve spent the second part of my life in one place, trying to transform myself into what everyone expected of me. I’m now in a new part of my life where by choice, I’ve returned to my rambling ways and entered the biggest journey of my life, searching for myself.  

This movie meant so much to me, because it helped reflect my own personal journey. I was that sleeping wonder, letting life pass me by, only having adventures in my imagination.  But, I woke up and my life has been one grand adventure after the next.  It’s not all roses and jubilee.  Many of these adventures are scary, living in the unknown, stepping away from all safety and security.  But, man… the freedom I feel in my soul is indescribable. 

This poster really inspires me.  One of the key parts of this journey is the choice to move away from the expected, to get off the fast track - the interstate, and take the scenic route.  Slow down and look around.  Life is right in front of me.  Beauty and love are everywhere, even if all I’ve known is a concrete garden.  Mountains, rivers, oceans, flowers and the music of nature are teaching me to love myself, love the world around, and love the people close to me.  Even the scary parts are an adventure to be cherished.

What about you? Can you find the passion to take the scenic route in your life?  Come on, I dare you.

Till next time,

~T.L. Gray

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