Sunday, June 22, 2014

My Skydive Experience

Okay, guys... I did it.  I jumped out a perfectly good airplane and lived to tell about it.  I really didn't see any reason to stay in the plane since all the good-looking guys jumped out before me... and one awesome, cool, tandem instructor strapped to my back really wanted to jump too, so... I decided... "What the hell? " and jumped!

It was the best, most thrilling thing I've ever done.  I soooooooooo, sooooooo, soooooo want to do it again.

People... we've got to live out loud.  We can't sit back and keep saying, 'someday' and 'tomorrow'.  NOTHING ever happens when you say that.  ONLY when you make up your mind to do it, does anything in this life get done.  So do it... and live your life out loud.

I can't thank everyone enough at Skydive the Farm, ATL Skydiving and Agent Lead for all the encouragement they've given me to fulfill this wish on my bucket list.

Anyone interested in skydiving... CALL these guys first... and tell them T.L. sent ya!

Now watch my super-duper awesome video... and check out some of the pictures below.

And here are some awesome pictures.

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