Friday, November 18, 2005

Smallville Review 5:8 "Solitude"

Crazy4Smallville’s Weekly Review
Episode 8

Wow, what an episode!

I love how the episodes start with the Daily Planet in Metropolis. It gives it a different feel… a more professional edge, unlike the laid back slow hum of the small town.

I love what they’re doing with Chloe. Not only is she dressing more professional and more grown up- but she’s acting that way too. I worry for her though. This was already a strong character, and the more they make her that way, yet not have her in Clark’s life as an adult, the more I fear for her. She plays such an essential part now, that it could only be her death that keeps her out of his life later.

I’ve grown to love the portrayal of Brainiac by James Marsters so much, that I hated to see him go. However, I loved the fight scene and the way that he went. But, you’d think for him to be so smart that it wouldn’t have been so easy for Clark to destroy him. I’m still trying to figure out how he had Kryptonian powers when he wasn’t a Kryptonian. Yes, he was made by a Kryptonian, but that still doesn’t make sense. It is not being Kryptonian that a Kryptonian has powers on earth. It is the fact that Kryptonians gain powers on earth because of the yellow sun of earth. But, on Krypton they didn’t have such powers, and were like us humans.

Clark’s suspicions of Jor-El are really starting to bother me now. We’ve already seen him go through his rebellion stage several times already, and you’d think that by now he would have learned what side Jor-El is on. But, Clark is being thick-headed yet again. How much more does he have to lose, and how many more mistakes does he have to make before it finally penetrates that steel head of his? He was quick to believe the evil reports of his father, yet it takes him years to believe the evil of Lex Luthor. What happened to the big speech he gave Jonathan a few years ago about always looking for the good in someone, and second chances? He hasn’t even given Jor-El the first chance. Also, if Clark thinks that all Kryptonians are bad, then why isn’t he? Shouldn’t he bad by ‘Kryptonian nature’? I’ve seen children of people, raised by others, yet still act a lot like the parents they’ve never known. Shouldn’t Clark look at himself, and make the first judgment on his parents. He doesn’t think his mother Lara was evil, yet he’s quick to think Jor-El is. Maybe NOW, he’ll get the picture, but I don’t hold out any hope. I still wish they would quit trying to make his so much more human than Kryptonian. He’s a superhero, not your average farm boy with a few special gifts.

Will the real Lex Luthor stand up, and while you’re at it, point out the real Lionel Luthor. I love the re-invention of both of these characters. I still hold on, even more, to the notion that Lex no longer lives, but Alexander. I believe that Lionel was referring to that notion as well, when he was talking about Lex splintering. The mystery that has always surrounded these two has been what exactly they know. I can tell you, it’s a lot more than they’re telling.
Lois is starting to realize there is more to this investigative reporting than sitting down in front of a computer. She’s starting to show her zest for uncovering the truth, and it won’t be long before she’s working side by side with her cousin at the Daily Planet to do it.

I absolutely loved her exchange with Lex Luthor. I thought she was being a judgmental little brat, and then Lex does his smooth attack and puts her right in her place. Where did her animosity come from? Wasn’t it Lex who didn’t press charges against her sister? Well, I guess she easily forgets like everyone else. Now, her pride’s been hurt. However, I think her attacks about his campaign comes more from her love for the Kent’s than being afraid of the Luthor control of the world. Yet, maybe not?

What really surprised me was Jonathan Kent. Did he never consider that Clark may have to give up his life in order to save Martha’s, yet without hesitation he told Clark to do what he had to, to save her? As a parent, I would have made sure that the child would be safe first, and then did what had to be done to save my spouse. But, maybe I’m the only one who viewed it that way.

I’m sure I’m leaving a lot out, but I have to save something for everyone else to talk about.

This has been Crazy4Smallville’s weekly review.

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