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Crazy4Smallville's Weekly Review 5:12 Reckoning

Oh boy! I'm probably not going to get a lot of sympathy with this review, but I have to be honest about what I thought and most of it wasn't good. There were some brilliant parts and some brilliant acting, but there were also some very frustrating parts as well.

So here goes...

Clark finally opens up and tells Lana the truth, takes her to the fortress of solitude, proposes to her and she accepts.... why? Why would she do that and then turn around that very evening sneak out of the Talon and visit with Lex? Because he called, he was depressed, he needed her? So what! She had just made a decision to spend the rest of her life with Clark, who she now knows is a superman and she doesn't even tell him where she's going, discuss with him who called or ask him to go with her. Now who's keeping secrets and lies? Where was her confession of the secrets she'd been withholding from him about her killing Genevieve and Lex covering it up for her and the other stuff? I was very disappointed in her. No matter what kind of friend she considers Lex, she had no business sneaking off to see him. That was the lowest thing she'd ever done. I'm not even considering the fact that it was what got her killed, the act alone is what angered me. Where was her loyalty to Clark and the Kents? I mean, afterall, Jonathan Kent just won an election and his son's finance is sneaking off to console his rival.

At first I wondered why Jonathan Kent was at the crash scene and then I remembered that he had received a phone call while he was at the Talon, which we all know by now was from Lionel. I think Jonathan Kent was meant to die that night, that HE was the life close to Clark that was to be sacrificed for Clark's disobedience. However, I also think that Jonathan knew he was going to die soon, because of the deal he made with Jor-El earlier. I think Lana's death was a consequence of her own making and purely conincedental, yet because it happened and Jonathan stopped to console his son - he missed his own date with destiny. So, that would make the second time around, after Clark's intereference, no longer the result of destiny, but the result of Lana & Clark's decisions and both are responsible.

Look, many of you know how I feel about Lana's character. It's not Lana that I hate, but what she makes my superhero out to be. No longer will Lana be the girl that Clark outgrows, but the one who got away. Lois can never be the love of Clark's life - because Lana will always be the one he wanted. Lois has been dwindled down to the consolation prize - the one he settles with. Also, Clark's reasons for not telling Lana the second time are unfounded. How much more in danger is Lana knowing the truth as Chloe? Clark's enemies will use his best friend as much as his girlfriend against him, so what makes it more dangerous for one to know over the other? Clark knows that Lana would accept him, knowing the truth and it wasn't her knowledge of the truth that got her killed, but her reckless behavior. I don't think Clark is being honest with himself when it comes to the reasons he didn't tell her the second time. I think it was because he couldn't trust her like he had hoped. She still stole away to see Lex without him. Who knows... maybe he still has a chance to grow out of his obsession?

But, another point about this whole new angle is that it also pits Lana in the middle, between Clark and Lex. I'm sure Clark will hold Lex more responsible than Lana for his father's death. Had Lex never called Lana and caused her accident, she wouldn't have died, he wouldn't have had to go back in time to save her, lose her and then lose his father as the life in exchange for hers. Now, she has not only been elevated to the status of being the love of Clark's life, but the very reason for their ultimate rivalry. No longer can the tale of Superman be a story of mere good vs. evil on moral alone - no - now their fight will be over a woman and it just happens that one is on the good side and one is on the bad side. Though Lana lived, I think Clark will still blame Lex for her initial death. I'm not sure he'll be able to get over that, because he lived through it, though no one else did.

But, not all was a total loss in this episode. I thought that Martha was wonderful. She really portrayed a good version of a woman who lost a well-loved and well-respected man. Her speech to Clark was priceless. Now, if he'll just listen to it.

I thought Jonathan's death scene was in good taste. I sat there, almost begging for him to be able to say one last 'I love you" or "good-bye", but was glad when nothing was said. He said everything with his eyes. Also, it made it more realistic. Many times people don't get the chance to say 'good-bye' and John Schnieder did an excellent job with it. I also love the fact that he went out a hero - defending his family like he has always done. I'm frustrated that they didn't show us what was in the picture. (BTW-that's two pictures now we haven't seen. The first one was when Lionel burned that picture from Lex's hired man and now this one. WHAT IS IN THOSE PHOTOS?)

Chloe got the best line in this show. When she mentioned Clark spinning the world backwards on its axis, I nearly choked on my drink. I should learn by now not to be drinking anything when Chloe's on the scene. I also loved her reaction when she asked about her reaction the first time Clark told her about the engagement. It showed that she's trying to very considerate of Clark and not reveal to much of her own feelings. She's a hero in her own right by the support she gives her insensitive friend. She believes in him when he doesn't even believe in himself. I think the look that she gave him at the funeral was of pure compassion, because she alone understands what Clark had given up. I'm sure she noticed Lana reach for his hand, but he didn't return the affection. He stood alone, though he was surrounded by those who loved him. He didn't reach back for Lana and drew away from him - he let her go and only Chloe knows why. I think she saw how much her friend was hurting and she felt extreme compassion for him.

What I found interesting was that Lois had much the same look, but her compassion doesn't come from knowing his sacrifice, but out of her own hidden affections for him. She cares and loves Clark just as deeply as Chloe, but she also much like her cousin in keeping her feelings in check.

I also found it interesting that Lionel and Lex were at the funeral. I understand Lex being there, because no matter how much Jonathan was his political rival, he has a lot of love and respect for him. He's always desired to have a father like Jonathan Kent and on many occassions had tried to latch himself to that family. They represent what is good in the world and he see's Jonathan as the father he always wanted to have. But, Lionel's presence there makes absolutely no sense. Martha would have never invited him, Clark would have never accepted his condolences - so why was he there. I think it also showed him like a roaring lion prowling around his food of prey (Martha). I don't know what Lionel is up to and I hope we find out soon.

I did find it a bit ironic that it was while Clark was saving Lois that Lana almost met her fate again. I mean, come on... if Clark was so adamant about keeping Lana from repeating history - he wouldn't have let her out of his sights for one moment. He knew she was going to get a phone call from Lex, yet he wasn't watching her like a hawk. He could have supersped to save Lois, but he didn't have to stick around to make sure she was alright and to listen to her chide about it. Maybe Lana isn't such a priority to Clark if he was so easily able to completely forget about her while he was saving Lois?

Maybe this epidode was more revealing than I initially thought?

Bottom line: It was a good episode, but very disappointing. The previews for next week leaves me with a disgusted feeling. I don't want to go through another episode of 'rebellious' Clark. I'm ready for him to grow up and get over himself. I had hoped his father's death would have done that for him, but it looks like he's still got a bit of growing up to do.

Till next time!

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