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Crazy4Smallville's Weekly Review 5:21 Oracle

**Rubs temples with eyes closed chanting to self**
"Do not think about the finale. Do not think about Lex Luthor having super powers. Do not think about General Zod. Do not think about the finale. Do not think about Lex Luthor having super powers. Do not think about General Zod. Do not think about..."

I think you get the picture.

This review isn't about the season finale, but about Oracle.

**Takes a deep breath and slowly exhales**


Chloe Sullivan has the best lines, ever. I laughed so hard when she said something along the lines of "What, Hell froze over two hours ago and you're just now telling me?" at the sight of Clark and Lionel standing together with lots of papers written in Kryptonian, working together. When just a few hours before Clark was telling her that his dad wanted him to kill Lionel, and they suspected that Lionel was going to use Clark as a weapon. Which, BTW - Did Clark and Lionel talk about what Lionel planned to do concerning knowing Clark's secret, because Clark felt comfortable sharing what they knew about everything, when just a few hours before they had broken into Lionel's office. Lionel's not mad they were snooping through his things and their not even trying to hide the fact that they did? ODD. That was priceless. But, then when Chloe went to scan the documents to look for language patterns, I was confused. Wasn't Clark downloaded with the ability to read Kryptonian after he visited the caves back in Season 2? Why does he all of a sudden have Kryptonian illiteracy? I suppose that's one of those things the new writers forgot. Also, that Chloe line about putting on a cape and calling her "Horatio" was priceless too. Lois had a few good one-liners, as well. It must run in the family.

I knew that Jonathan was not Jonathan back at the graveyard, but I didn't think it was Milton Fine until the second appearance with Martha. Jonathan would never have been jealous like that and blaming Martha for having an inappropriate relationship with Lionel. My only question, or more-or-less comment about that scene, is that I wish that the love and adoration that she poured out concerning Jonathan would have effected Fine, visibly. He wouldn't let her touch him, but it would have been nice to see "love" being incomprehensible to a machine. By the time he showed up in the barn, I'd done made my mind up that Lionel is on the good side. I hadn't known for sure where his loyalties have lain, but by that point I knew that he's only been trying to help Clark, stop Lex and save the world. It wasn't his fault that Jonathan died, even if he played some part in it. It was essentially Jonathan's own stubborn pride that killed him. I have a feeling that Lionel will die in the next episode though - and by Lex's super-hand.

Ah, the Lex/Lana quandary. I do believe she's using the boy, masking her own feelings for Clark in order to work incognito to find out the truth about what's going on and the truth about Clark. She's still in love with Clark, she's not in love with Lex and when Lex finds out that he is yet betrayed by another brown-haired beauty, I think it will send him over the edge. I think Lana told Lois some of what she was doing, and that's why Lois was trying to talk to Clark. She wasn't really referring to Clark's emotional agenda (with the reference to motorcycles and Harley's) but to Lana's, referring to her plan of deception. But, I have a feeling that when the whole truth comes out, Clark will have really moved on and has embraced his destiny - and to go back to Lana would be to go backward.

So, Zod is coming. Well, he needs to hurry up and come on, because I'm ready to see another glimpse of my superhero. I'm getting tired of the boy. It's time he became a man. They've been talking about it all season, and especially since Jonathan died, but they've only given us small morsels. I want the whole cake (but, God please not a piece of Lois'!)

I really liked this episode and I'm really looking forward to next weeks. I don't look forward to a whole summer hanging onto another cliff hangar, but I'd be crazy to think they wouldn't do that. Especially, after the huge one with Supernatural.

There's lots more I could comment on about this episode, but I didn't want to write another book. LOL!

Till next time,
~T.L. Gray

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