Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Happy Birthday, Necromancers!

Today is June 21st - the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, but most importantly, the shared birthday of all Necromancers around the world. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

For those of you who are turning thirteen today, I hope that you take your day of transformation very well and that you don't have too much difficulty with it. Be careful of all those voices - they have a tendency to get to you, if you let them.

A Solstice coincidence - last summer I started querying literary agents for the first time. I sent out my first batch on June 21st. I received the following response from my current agent on July 19th:

"This is one of the most clever queries I have ever received. It's originality earns you a request to send the full ms via hard mail to: "

A few months later, after several more requests and a few exclusive requests, I signed with my current agent. She started submitting my manuscript to publishers at the beginning of this year.

Here's to hoping that this June 21st will bring an offer from a great publisher. There are several that have my manuscript in their hands, but I just need one to make an offer.

Again, Happy Birthday, Necromancers!

Till next time,
T.L. Gray

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