Thursday, July 06, 2006

A Prophetic Word - July 5, 2006 - The Prophet Elijah

A word of prophecy was spoken over me yesterday, so I wanted to write it down.

The battle that I'm going through right now is a physical manifestation of a spiritual battle and my strength lay in my praise. This battle is an intercessory battle and I will prevail.

I know there are no coincidences when it comes to God. Over the past few weeks, as I've struggled through this ear infection, I've been pulled into the Word and have been studying about Elijah and Elisha, two great prophets. So, I do not find it strange that as I study of prophets, I receive a word of prophecy. But, how does this all relate to me? I haven't received the revelation of it, yet.

Elijah is a great prophet of God. Through him, God did amazing things and showed the might of his power. He also showed the might of his mercy. I used to think that I didn't have anything in common with Elijah, but as I've been reading - perhaps I do.

When Elijah displayed God's power and might to the people by calling down fire from heaven and it burned up the soaked altar before it - convincing the people that Jehovah was the true God and Baal the false god - and Elijah killing all the prophets of Baal - that was a great moment. However, I was astounded to see that immediately following that great display of power and surety, Elijah ran for his life in fear of Jezebel. This I find truly amazing.

I'd like to think that I'd never do that. I'd like to say that had I just seen God perform all these great amazing displays of power and had been so sure of His word and will that I killed all of the prophets of the enemy - I wouldn't worry what some old witch said about me. So, Jezebel threatened to kill him? Who hadn't by this time? The life of a prophet is not easy. They are hated more than praised. I'm astounded to see a man of God, who continually speaks with God and to kings is suddenly so afraid that he sits down under a tree and falls into a depression so deep he wants to die, because some woman (whom God has already prophesied to die) wants to kill him. I'd like to say that'd never be me. But, I won't.

I know I'm capable of the highest act of weakness, even had I just been in the presence of God. I know that even if God pulled me into a quiet place, showed me a mighty wind, sent me an earthquake, a burst fire from heaven and then whispered in my ear, that I could still be whinny and selfish instead of relying on the strength and power that He has given to me and hidden within my praise.

So, I accept the word of the Lord from my sister-in-Christ - and know that this battle I now fight is not physical, but a spiritual battle of intercession, and my strength to it's victory is hidden and found in my praise of God.

Till next time,
~T.L. Gray

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