Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Well-Manicured Murder Review

Every once in a while I go through my 'Chick-Lit' phase, where I want to delve deep into the female psyche and get lost. However, those times are far and few between. You'll never find this gal lost in a hopeless and senseless romance novel, because to me they're all the same. I'm all about action, adventure and imagination.

A Well-Manicured Murder by Georgia Adams gave me a little of both. I love murder mysteries, especially when I don't quite know who the murderer is by the first quarter of the book. This mystery left me questioning until the very end. While the revelation was one of my guesses, I couldn't quite be sure... so it's a win as far as I'm concerned. So, kudos to the brilliant minds of Browning, McColgan and Dunn.

I'm not without my bias. I know 1/3 of the trio that make up the Georgia Adams persona, Mrs. Joann Dunn, she's a member of my writers group and it's my love for the work she's shared in the club that led me to desire to want to read this book, and I'm glad I did.

If you love down-home, good southern humor, with a dash of mystery, you'll love A Well-Manicured Murder.

I can't wait to dive into the next installment of the LitChix Mysteries in Killer Condo.

Till next time,

~T.L. Gray