Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Portent Princess

Such a regal elegance.
See how she radiates and shines,
Sparkling like the tiara sitting upon her  head?
She’s magnetic.
Surprised at how she draws them to  her,
Slowly falling beneath her spell?
Look closer.
Listen, can you hear her words,
Lulling and guiding them into her dream?
Lady, they call her.
Lord, can you hear the pain,
Lingering beneath her colorful mask?
Forget the loneliness.
Feel the vastness of emptiness,
Frowning behind those bright eyes?
Forever she searches.
For how long can she last,
Feigning hope in a hopeless world?
Pretend no more.
Pray, can’t you see her true face?
Prodigious mess.
Please, won’t you help her,
Protecting the marvel of her soul?
Pride is her weakness.
Prince, why have you not
Pranced to her rescue?

Portent Princess.

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