Monday, November 10, 2014

Beautiful Reflection

Hello, Beautiful.
It’s so nice to see your smile.
The glow of life and beauty emanates from within you.
Shadows lurk all around,
Yet golden ambiance surrounds you,
Your vivacity cuts through the darkness.
In your gaze hope dwells and deep, deep love resides.
Rejected. Abandoned. Scarred. These bright hazel beauties often weep.
Yet, they hold fast to the radiant tendril of hope.
Who dares to directly face their gaze?
Who can look upon them and stand before their truth, their passion, their hope?
Not many, if one.
Only light can stand before the light,
For shadows are powerless and retreat into corners in its presence.
Oh, Beautiful Reflection – don’t be afraid to shine.
You are a bright star, a shining beacon of celestial radiance.
It is what you’re meant to do, why you’re made.
Don’t be afraid to love.
That’s all there is – love.

Without love – there’s nothing but a cold, dead, black hole.

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