Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Pirates Vs. Superman

Over the weekend I watched Pirates of the Caribbean and I loved it. I loved everything about it. It was funny, adventurous, wild and exciting. I saw my favorite characters from the first movie return and not once during the movie did I find myself bored, frustrated or confused.

This was not the experiance I had when I watched Superman the weekend before.

So, I've thought about what made the difference.

Pirates stayed true to its characters. It didn't try to change them to conform to the wiles of society. The pirates were pirates. Captain Jack Sparrow was Captain Jack Sparrow and the rest ended up as true pirates, especially Elizabeth Swan and the former Commodore. It was what truly lay in their hearts- and they gave into what that heart desired - to be a pirate (in every way). The movie was awesome!

Superman tried to change from what he truly was. It was his morals and virtue that made him super - to rise above the frivolty of the ever-changing humanity. The movie tried to make him just as human as you and me - which made him dim in his greatness. A constant in a world that's ever-changing is super - not changing with it.

While I loved both movies, Pirates won my heart. I'll probably see it a half-dozen times before it goes to DVD, which then I'll own.

I don't think I'm alone in my opinion - the box office sales seem to tell the same story.

Till next time,
~T.L. Gray

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