Monday, July 17, 2006

Supernatural - The Production

Things are moving along quite well with this production.

  • I've already selected the song titles, burned copies for the singers and musicians and ordered the sheet music.
  • I've made arrangements to have (10) ten swords made from a woodcarver. (They're going to be awesome!)
  • My list of props, cast and budget is filling up everyday. (I'm going to rummage through the props we currently have in storage to find what I can. What I need most is fog machines, black, strobe and spot lights.)

I'm excited about it and the people seem to be excited about it, too.

I had a dream about this production - and it was awesome! I was standing outside of the double doors that lead to the sanctuary. There was a golden sign above it that said, "Welcome to the Supernatural" and in front of them, with his head held high and his expression fixed, stood a georgous angel. His hair was spun gold, his eyes blazing fire. He had a gold band around his forehead and he held a golden sword by the hilt with his arms extended evenly across his chest. His lashes glittered in the light.

The angel stepped aside and let me pass. When he moved, the doors swung out and I stepped through them - into another world. It looked like the santuary I've worshipped in for the past ten years, but it was transformed. A dense, billowing fog hugged the ground. On the right side against the wall stood five angels, evenly spaced apart down the length of the room. Mirroring them stood five angels on the left side. Their white rainment illuminated, yet they stood perfectly still. I watched one closely to see if it breathed, but I saw no movement. His eyes glared straight ahead.

Beautiful music filled the room. It's golden musical notes, weaved in and out of the chairs, as if it floated with an invisible current. Hundreds of people stood with their hands raised and were praising God. However, they weren't alone. Also weaving in and out of the people crawled small demons and imps. Dressed in black, they had white words written across them like "hate, jealousy, lust, deception, religion, unbelief, anger, doubt, dispair, pride & oppression." The people didn't seem to notice their presence.

(Supernatural) I whipped my head around and stared at the angels, urging them to move to intercept those demons, but they remained perfectly still. I looked down from their eyes and noticed they all wore these white sashes that read, "love, relationship, belief, truth, self-control, peace, trust, hope, passion & faith."

One by one, as the people bowed in prayer, the angels moved and fought with the demons until the room cleared.

(Prodigal) Upon the stage staggered a man, withered and worn, crying. He's surrounded by demons, tormenting him. His robes are torn and he's covered in mud. He calls out to his father for forgiveness and drops to his knees. When his knees touch the ground, the statuesque angels instantly move and surround him, sending the demons fleeing into the shadows. The man is restored to his father and they walk off together.

(Susan Rager) Beautiful white-robed ladies fill the front of the sanctuary with colorful silk scarves. The angels turn their attention toward the movement and they begin to weep. When the dance is finished, they all have bent to one knee. There room is silent.

(Set Me Free) I looked upon the stage once more and saw a man full of demons. Chains bound his hands and feet and the demons yanked him down everytime he tried to pull away from them. He cries out into the night for help, but no one hears. Then in the back of the room enters a man with people surrounding him. The demons instantly scatter, shriek and scream. They try to pull the man away, but he notices how the man affects them, and cries out to the man, "Jesus, save me."

Jesus grabs his chains and lifts a key into the air. He asks the man, "Do you want to be free? Lift your chains, I hold the key. All power on heaven and earth belong to me." The demons that are attached to him by the chains desperately pull on them to get out of Jesus' way, but they cannot. The man clings to Christ and he opens the lock on the chains and sets him free. The demons scatter into the shadows. Christ turns toward the crowd and asks them the same thing. Several within the crowd lift their own set of chains and they break open. Jesus exits out the back, followed by the now freed man.

(Praise You in This Storm) Thunder roars, the room is shaken and peals of lightning crash to the ground and then silence, except the sound of a woman crying. Suddenly, we see a woman holding the body of her dead son, Jesus. She sings the song, "Praise You in This Storm", while images of Christ's life and crucifiction flash upon the screen. The angels kneel around the broken body of Christ. They lift him up and carry him out and the room fades to dark, except the illumated angels that remain. More thunder and lighting ensue. The demons begin cheering, but their cheers are silenced and they begin running for the exits. Standing upon the stage is radiant Christ - glowing in white rainment with a crown upon his head and a scepter in his hand. He takes a seat on his throne.

(Jean's song) The people worship him and sing praises to him. The angels bow down before him. The Pastor and his wife bow down before him, followed by the elders and deacons. The musicians offer their instruments. The saxophone player lays his instument before the Lord. He blesses it and the saxophone player picks up his gift and plays before the lord. He is followed by the guitarist, bassists, keyboardest, congo player and drummer (who lays his sticks before the Lord). Each play before him and then they play together. Then the singers (including Rebekah) gather around him and he blesses them and they each sing to the Lord. The the whole congregation bown down before him. They then lift up their heads and their hands and they sing praises to Him.


Pastor concludes the service and the people walk out the door, back into the natural realm. The angels follow some, but so do the demons.

So, as you can see - I'm excited and can't wait to see that dream made into a real production.

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