Friday, February 16, 2007

Crazy4Smallville's Weekly Review 6:14 & 15

I didn't post a review last week, mostly because I was disheartened, so I thought I'd combine it with this weeks.

I'm not sure where TPTB are going to go with the Lana story. I actually like this new role she's playing, but I abhor the Clana they keep insisting on shoving down our throats. It really makes me twinge every time it comes on the screen. I've really become disheartened with the story. But, I don't want to get onto another Clana rant.

Just what is Clark Kent supposed to be doing? He didn't join up with the Justice League because he was on a mission to round up the remaining Phantom Freaks, yet I haven't seen mention of any since then. He's been too busy doing the Lana dance. It's like the show has shifted from Clark's mission to Lana's mission and her quest to discover the truth about Clark. She's resorting to manipulations, lying, snooping and being down-right underhanded, but for what purpose? She's pregnant with a child that she hasn't SHOWN any interest or concern with, she's engaged to a man she clearly doesn't trust and she claims to be best friends with someone who doesn't trust her or her fiance and is hiding the one secret she's after. Come on - do they really think we're going to buy that she's even remotely innocent. Lana doesn't act like someone in love and is about to have a baby. She's on a mission - and that mission (to find out Clark's truth) trumps EVERYTHING else in her life. She's no different than Lex, because she's become consumed in her obsession.

I think this story line started a couple of seasons back with the emergence of the crystals, her witnessing the spacecraft and the two Krytponians and then her dealings with Zod and now Lex. She believes Clark is meteor infected, but now KNOWS that he's not - how much longer will it take her to put together that he's an alien? As Chloe said - she's been orbiting this secret for so long - she can't help but soon make a landing. I also think Clark knows this, but his apparent 'fear' of her discovering the truth is starting to dissipate. Is it because he's moving on and it doesn't matter as much as it used to, because he doesn't have as much to lose - or because he believes that it truly wouldn't make a difference and she'd accept him anyway?

You have to wonder what Clark thinks of Lana now. He still loves her, but his perfect perception of her isn't the same. She's fallen off that pedestal and perhaps that is what makes all the difference. I'm hoping that he's letting down his guard, because he's becoming more confident and secure in who he is - and isn't ashamed of it. Either way, he has to realize that Lana isn't the same sweet girl-next-door. He doesn't believe she loves Lex, yet he knows she's with him.

BTW - don't you notice that every time Lex and Lana lie to each other, they always follow it up with a kiss on the cheek and delivered with a smile? I'm starting to pick up on the tell-tell signs.

Now, onto Clark and Chloe. I nearly choked up when Clark told Chloe that she should consider him her personal bomb protection. That's LOVE. That's the Superman I know. That's the kind of relationship I love to see. It was a touching moment. Probably one of the sweetest moments I've seen yet. It showed the true heart of Clark Kent.

Now, what is Chloe's ability??? I've always suspected that she was somehow infected, but always hoped it was just who she was - the way Bart is just fast, Oliver is just good, Aqua is just ... a fish? I hope she doesn't turn out to be meteor affected, because what I've noticed over the past six years (and she has too) is that meteor freaks are a mutated version of greatness. While it gives the wielder an ability, its one that they can't handle and instead is the very thing that destroys them. They change - transform into the extreme - and like Chloe said - most end up either dead, on level 33.1 or in Belle Reve. Not a good outcome for Chloe, especially since she already fears the asylum due to her mother's mental history. BTW - has Chloe been visiting her mother? After that one episode, we haven't heard anything else about it.

There is a lot that's happened over these past couple of episodes. My biggest problem isn't what's happened, but trying to determine which path TPTB are leading us down. I just hope it's the right one. If Smallville can't do right by Chloe, then the CW should create a spin-off series centered around her - The Chloe Chronicles. I'd watch it! But, I'm really hoping they get back to the story of Clark Kent and him embracing his destiny.

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