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Crazy4Smallville's Weekly Review 6:13 Crimson

I loved and I hated this episode at the same times. Which parts didn’t make me spit out my coffee or choke on my cookie, had me tearing my napkin in shreds. It was great and horrible at the same time.

I have to start with the Valentine’s theme. Its a few weeks early, but why not go ahead and remind everyone that it is coming up. Having Jimmy trying to set up Lois and Clark was priceless. It was perhaps the best scene in the whole episode. The way he maneuvered it, you saw what was coming a mile away, but I had a smile on my face the whole time. I even loved Chloe’s surprised look, but she handled it with style and grace. However, the look on Lois and Clark’s face - priceless. Then, of course, he had to go off and be a boob about it.

I’m thinking that the lady behind the love potion wasn’t your everyday herbalist, but more or less of the phantom kind. She knew a little too much about Clark for it to be so random. This person knew the Red-K effect, as well as the Green-K counter effect. While some will probably speculate that Lois was affected by Red-K, but I tend to think that our Phantom freak slipped her a little potion of another sort that caused her infatuation with Clark – knowing it would lead to Clark’s infection with Red-K. But, if that’s the case, what was the Phantom Freak after?

The Lois/Clark moments were hilarious. The tattoo, the leaping tall buildings in a single bound, the outing of Oliver, the almost couch romp, the stalking by Lois, the White-heart CD, the sleazy Lois outfits, the repeated ‘future’ implications… perfect!!! I enjoyed every little morsel they dropped. Kal-El seemed to act on those feelings that Clark tries to deny and keep suppressed.

I loved everything that Kal-El said to EVERYBODY. It was all stuff that has needed to be said for a long time. Will anyone listen to it? Who knows? You know it’s got to be eating Lex up, because I’m sure it’s what Lex thinks about more often than not. But, the part that I loved/hated was his remarks to Chloe. Does Clark resent her? He’s clearly attracted to her, he clearly trusts her and he clearly is her friend – however, when his inhibitions are lowered he is either ravishing her or putting her down. If I were Chloe, I’d be having one serious talk with Clark and I couldn’t give up. I’d treat it like a story I was working on – going after it like a rabid dog until I got the answers I was looking for.

Chloe/Jimmy – Poor Jimmy. It hard to watch the one you love, love someone else. However, he should be confident enough to know that Chloe also loves him. I HATE that Chloe once again got stomped on. She doesn’t get the guy… ever - even her own guy, because of Clark.

Also, why does she keep putting up with Lana’s abuse? Lana has never been a good friend of Chloe. She’s been judgmental and abusive to her since they first met. Yet, Chloe keeps putting up with her, why? I understood it at the beginning, because she knew how Clark felt about her. Why now? Lana is just using Chloe because she’s got nobody else and because she knows that Chloe knows Clark’s secret and she’s hoping she can get it out of Chloe.

I hated that Jimmy broke up with Chloe because of his insecurities. Once again, Chloe is the one left out in the rain. While Lois has a new flavor every month, Lana has them fighting over her, Chloe loses the only one she’s ever really had. I thought it was blondes that had more fun? Not in Smallville.

What was up with Mrs. Kent? Why was she at the engagement party? She’s not friends with Lex or Lana? She’s friends with Lionel, who wasn’t even there. Senator Kent wouldn’t want to be seen with Lex Luthor. Yet, there she sat knowing it would be something her son wouldn’t be comfortable with. If I were Clark, I’d of been questioning her motives too.

I loved the reference to Lana being the past, Lois being the future and Clark stating that he was in the present.

Now, for what I HATED in this episode.

I’m SICK, SICK, SICK, SICK of Clark’s obsession with Lana. It isn’t love, its outright obsession. Obsession is blinded to the consequences of affection. This story line is sooooo old and sooooo worn out. I’m tired of it. It really, really makes me want to quit watching this show. It degrades my hero and makes him Wimpman instead of Superman. It’s like he takes a few steps forward to become the hero he’s meant to be, but then when it comes to Lana he takes one of those super giant leaps backwards. Don’t’ TPTB know that it’s this sick obsession that’s killing the show??? Are they going to shove this CRAP down our throats every stinking year?

Also, what did Lex do to deserve Lana? She makes him go from being a Supervillian to Wimpy lap dog. Who needs Kryptonite when you’ve got Lana Lang? I know they needed to give her SOMETHING to do on the show, because she lost her usefulness by season 2, but this is getting a little ridiculous.

TPTB are making this whole show about Lana Lang, not Clark Kent. She’s becoming the catalyst in the rift between hero and villain – making everything about the woman between them. How can Clark save the world when he’s too busy obsessing over Lana? I thought she was the past? Why won’t they leave her in the past? Why can’t Clark move on? I’m sick to death of it. It ruined the whole night for me and left a really bad taste in my mouth. It hurts when your hero is made into the dumbest, weakest sucker in the world. It even hurt to see my villain as a boy toy, instead of the badass he’s supposed to be. Come on – would anyone really believe that Lex Luthor would just stand there and let some man walk out with his fiancé and not say or do anything? This isn’t Whitney, who I think would have tried to stop Clark; this is LEX LUTHOR. He reminded me tonight of the Hackman-Luthor, which I hate, instead of the Rosenbaum-Luthor that I’ve fallen in love with.

So, as you can see – this episode had some really, really good points and some really, really bad ones. It seems that Clark wasn’t the only one affected by the Red and Green K, but we all were.

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