Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Crazy4Smallville's Weekly Review - 200th Episode Final Season

Smallville Episode 4 Final Season 200th Episode

How many shows out there today can boast about having their 200th Episode? How many have lasted for more than a decade? I get sad every time I think about this being the end. I can’t imagine how the actors, producers, directors, lighting, sound and technical guys feel, having been gainfully employed by the same company, working at the same location for such a long period of time. It’s like the majority of the rest of the world that works the average 9-5. I haven’t worked a steady 9-5 in a while, being an artist and entrepreneur. Most of my hours go from doing nothing, making nothing – to working 12 & 16 hour days without rest, back to uncertainty again. That comes with being an artist. Still, having a decade of consistency now stand against the rest of a life full of uncertainty has got to be scary.

Okay… of my soapbox and back to the episode.

Homecoming – what an appropriate title. I’m looking for lots of nostalgia. They’ve got ten years to work from, so I’m sure I won’t be disappointed.

Super Girl, Green Arrow, and Super Man magazine covers… NICE! Just has me thinking… where’s the rest – Aqua Man, Cyborg, Flash, etc.

Oh, God. Clark is still questioning whether he’s a hero or not? I’m beginning to think that Kryptonite and women isn’t his only weakness… low self esteem plays a huge part. Come on… how long are we going to suffer the self humiliation? Where is the Man of Steel?

Why does Clark just allow Kara to do what she wants, like take his key to the Fortress? She’s not his boss… he needs to stop being a doormat and listening to everybody else and start making up his own mind.

Lois and Clark in the barn, okay. Doesn’t Clark have the whole house now? Good for you, Lois. Now, Clark must be blind, because he could sure learn a thing or two from Lois. She knows what she wants, and she’s got a mind of her own. She believes what she believes, not what everybody else tells her.

“Depends on the cheerleader.” LOVE IT! Whoever wrote that line… kudos to you. Wow, I forgot Lois actually attended Smallville High. Oh, please don’t tell me Lana’s going to be there. On second thought… it would be kind of nice to see her. But, knowing that Clark is now allergic to her and her ‘kryptonian injection’, it’s probably best she doesn’t show.

Familiar faces? Could we see some old friends like Pete, meteor freaks, etc?

Awww… look at the little Clark doll. I want one!

Brainiac!!! I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!

Great first segment. A little slow on the uptake there… but nice ending.

OMG… Clark looked so young, so innocent, so…. Nerdy. I don’t mind Lana in a flashback, but it’s got me thinking… what triggered it? The woman – who’s now infected with Brainiac, or the dropping of books, or both? Ah, the first time ‘Superman’ was mentioned. Will that title now stick in Clark’s brain? I don’t know if I’d like that… because I’ve always loved the fact that it was LOIS who named Superman, and this is giving that privilege to Lana.

Bug Boy is back and looks meaner than ever! LOL! Not even the nerds remember Lois.

“What happened to the bumbling nerd?” My sentiments exactly. Although, I do have a soft spot for nerds.

Chloe! I still can’t figure out why Clark hasn’t went looking for her. Come on… she’s been his best friend since 6th grade, she was his first kiss, and he knows her better than any other person, and knows she wouldn’t just ‘take off’. He’s not thinking right. He should also know… she wouldn’t miss her reunion.

The Torch, the Wall of Weird. I MISS THEM. I miss SMALLVILLE. I loved the big hero in the small town.

See… even her ‘fans’ know more than Clark. Wow, someone who knows Lois… but it’s because she dated Oliver. LOL! What a dent to that Lois ego. “We carry the torch with us everyday”. Great writing, guys.

The Blur theory – being born and raised in Smallville? Wow, Chloe’s not the only one with a brain… and it isn’t Clark. However, who is Lois calling “kids”. Aren’t they part of the reunion too?

I understand Clark being “king”, but why is Lois sitting in the ‘queens’ seat? Shouldn’t that be Lana’s spot, or someone else’s?

I love James Marsters. Loved him as Spike and love him even more as Brainiac. “This is the moment your life changes forever…” I really hope so, but dread it at the same time.

Brainiac cured? Is that true… or a ploy? What darkness? Jonathan’s funeral. I loved the graphics of that scene. So solomn, so sad. ABOUT TIME, someone weeds out that ‘it’s my fault’ mentality. I like this Brainiac. It’s like he’s reading my mind; picking up on my brainwaves. So, Brainiac is the ghost of Christmas past, present and future? I LOVE IT. Yeah, you big dummy. All your friends need you… Oliver, Chloe, and even Lois.

Uh-oh.. they’re playing Clark and Lana’s song. Lois can’t dance to that song. Lois and Clark need their own song, not hijack one from somebody else. You can tell Lois ‘ain’t from around these parts’. LOL!

“I always thought he and Chloe were meant for each other…” Oh, I can’t go back there again. But, I do appreciate the writers letting us know… they heard us, even if they did ignore us. “So, you’re the moth… not the flame.” What did they do… hire a bunch of new writers or “spike” their coffee. Excellent work so far.

Clark never learns! That impulse of his… lack of self control. “Superman Saves The Day” headline… AWESOME! So, it’s the future he zoomed off into. Another great end to another great segment.

Future Lois looks hot. Honey? Finally, the glasses make a return. Awesome. That nerdiness is back. Perry White. Who’s the Jimmy Olson look-a-like? 2017… so they’re 7 years in the future.

So, the future Lois still knows Clark’s secret. He hasn’t yet gained the ‘kiss of forgetfulness’ yet. Anniversary… they’re married? Oh, the secret revealing anniversary. So, it’s not going to happen this week. Blue, red, green… black kryptonite?

Two Clarks! Love the new Clark. OMG… that segment wasn’t long enough. I’m actually pretty speechless. It was a huge tease, just one big long tease. Heck, this whole show has been nothing but ten long years of foreplay. I’ll end up having to watch it again later, to pick up everything I missed.

“How did I become so uptight and nerdy?” HILARIOUS! However, he’s got it all wrong. The ‘blue’ Clark is the one uptight. The ‘older’ Clark seems more laid back and sure of himself.

AAhh… did I see a cape fly by? YEP… there’s that speed flying he’s so famous for.

Lois in a helicopter going over the side of a high rise? HMMMM… where have I see that before? Love the elbow to the pilot. Boy, that woman would do anything to protect her ‘hero’… just like she said earlier in the episode.

“I wanted you to see that your darkness lies not only is dwelling on the past but in fearing the future.” Again, another awesome line.

Aha… Bug Boy. “I kind of got caught up in my web of deception, and he set me straight.” Again, awesome line. I really love that this was the first ‘meteor freak’, and now serves as a final resolution.

Yes, thank goodness the lights came up. That wasn’t their song.

Love the red leather jacket and the new hair cut. Welling is lookin’ mighty, mighty super.

“Hold on to Smallville…” We all will hold onto Smallville, forever. I can’t say ‘good-bye’… not yet, but I know I will have to… soon. But, I’m not going to like it.

I’m so glad that Clark stepped up to be the ‘friend’ he’s supposed to be.

“You damn right I’m a hero!” You tell her Oliver!!!!

The Superman music playing in the background didn‘t escape my attention… when Chloe texted, “Glad to see you’re carrying my torch!”

Yes… Clark and Lois’ dance and song. Beautiful, if Lois would just shut up.

I think this is the point where Clark found his ‘happy thought’ and now that he’s a real boy, he can now fly. I’m seriously about ready to cry.

What else can I say? Excellent episode. It had it all… past, present and future, filled with wisdom, knowledge and revelations. Till next time, Crazy4Smallville