Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Crazy4Smallville's Weekly Review - Episode 3 Final Season

Smallville Episode 3 Final Season Review

I attended the MeccaFest 2010 in Carrollton this past weekend, where I sold out of my book, “The Blood of Cain” really quickly, but it’s caused me to have to wait to see and review the latest episode of Smallville. Well, long at last I’m here. I’ve got my feet up, my laptop on my lap (cushioned by a pillow so I don’t get lap-burn) and my fingers massaged and ready to go.

This episode is called “Super Girl”. I can only hope that we actually get a glimpse of the real Super Girl and not just the illusion. It seems like Smallville has stolen the black smoke from Lost, but for those of us who’ve been die-hard Smallville fans know that this smoke looks awfully familiar to the smoke demons from the Phantom Zone. Does that mean Braniac will make a re-appearance.

Lois and Clark. I do have to admit that I love how this relationship was a gradual romance and not the instant love at first sight obsession. I see that Chatty Kathy is conveniently gone. Thank Goodness… I don’t think I could take too many spoonfuls of her sugary goodness. However, she forgot to take her Godfrey with her when she left. Love the red cape over the sign. But, absolutely LOVE the real Super Girl showing up. What a great scene. I was getting a bit lost with all the Anti-Hero Vigilante speech, but it was well worth the wait. I’m all giddy and excited to see the outfit… however I noticed it’s missing the “EL” symbol “S” across the chest. Good scene.

Maiden of Might?? Nah, it’ll never work. I can’t believe Clark didn’t think about making an excuse for Kara’s super conversion, yet Lois had to suggest it – to make an excuse to cover Clark’s secret. “Uger-Girl”? Keep working at it Lois.

Kara doing a photo shoot? That was unexpected. Ha, ha… super-powered pin-up girl? How does Kara communicate with Jor-El? I’m still not convinced the voice in the Fortress of Solitude is really Jor-El. Just like last week… the advice that is supposed to come from Jor-El doesn’t sound like anything that Jor-El would say. Why does Clark so easily believe? Does he think Jor-El’s whole personality just changed, or do the writers think we’d accept a drastic change without question?

Lois Lane in church? Now that’s hilarious!!! Although, her being there is much more believable than I realize. Blonde bimbo??? Sexist much? Boy, this guy is a huge douche-bag. How does he know about Oliver being the Green Arrow? Who is this guy? Where did he come from? I’m assuming he’s the guy Chatty Kathy was going all Lady Gaga over last week. But, where does he come from, what’s possessed him and what is he after? Does any of this have something to do with Brainiac?

Uh-Mmmm-mm. That is one hot super hero. Wait… I have to back up that whole conversation. I wasn’t paying much attention. Is it Kara’s inspiration that is giving Oliver the idea to come out of the super hero closet, or the fact that Chloe is missing and he thinks he has something to do with her knowing and being involved with superheroes?

Godfrey sounds like your everyday Serpent in the Garden. His publicist or editor sounds a little ditzy. Did he say “Club Zod?”

Oooh.. Kara got him good. I’ve been saying that same thing for almost ten years now. I never understood why Clark couldn’t fly, yet every freak who took his powers, every Kryptonian who happened to show up could do everything in an instant… but Clark who’s lived on earth most his life… can’t. Granted it took him till puberty to start gaining most of his powers, but what is it that makes him different? Is it his state of mind? THEY think like Kryptonian, but he thinks like a human?

Kara’s gonna show Clark how to fly? Could this be it? It doesn’t feel like the moment… but then again…it could be. The graphics are awesome. Uh-oh… he took off… Up…up…AND… he’s down! LOL! That look on his face was priceless.

How do we know this darkness hasn’t crept into Kara?

Oliver praying to his parents – how sweet and very touching. What does Oliver think happened to Chloe? He can’t have other people risking his life for him? What does he think he does every time he puts on that green suit – He risks himself for other people. Isn’t that the same thing?

I guess since us ladies got our eye candy earlier with Oliver, it’s the guy’s turn now with Lois all dressed in tight black leather. My husband wants me to back up this scene, but I don’t think that’s necessary. I caught everything that was said this time. Okay, that’s enough leather, lace and chains. I’m ready to get to some action. Although I can’t figure out how that mask hidden any identity. Besides, he’s not a normal man. Isn’t he some sort of ‘spirit’ and tempts their weaknesses?

Okay, now this is more like it – the demonic voice, black eyes and sadistic look – made me think of the demon-possessed on Supernatural.

Love those supernatural computer skills. Looks like Lois is caught in a web. Makes me think of that poem, “Welcome to my parlor said the spider to the fly.”

Clark’s true Kryptonite – women.

Love the new Godfrey. The graphics are awesome… the black & white w/splashes of red. Is this another creature from the Phantom Zone or is a legion of creatures. Again with the red cape; it seems to be making quite an appearance here lately?

Best line of the night so far… “Even heroes need someone to come home to.” I change my mind, “The Blur… He’s my hero,” takes the prize. Love the dark hair and oversized glasses. I think that’s the best I’ve seen Kara. Is she going to change her name to Linda?

Oh, that lack of self-confidence is wearing me thin. Humility is a great attribute, but after a while it just get’s… humiliating.

Uh-Oh, what’s Oliver up to? I’ve been wondering why no one has been looking for Chloe. Oh, is he going to have an “Ironman” moment??? YEP. AWESOME!!!

Till next time, Crazy4Smallville