Friday, February 24, 2012

Guilty Pleasures

In the past, whenever I've spent a whole day lost within the pages of a great adventure, I used to feel guilty at the amount of neglect I gave to the real world around me.  Well, I don't anymore.  I observed how much those around me gave into their own guilty pleasures, seeing how much time they spent playing or watching sports, watching television, had their fingers wrapped around a video game controller, shopping at the mall, or hanging out with friends and realized we all give into the things that bring us pleasure.  The problem is ... society wants us to feel guilty about that, impending this idea that we have to 'earn' those moments.  Thus the reason we call them 'guilty pleasures'. 

I've spent way too much of my life doing what I felt I was supposed to do, and not enough time doing what really brought me any joy or peace.  In an effort to have nice things and live the American dream, I became and indentured servant and chased a career because it was what was expected. No one griped about the 16 hour days as long as the money poured in.  I should have listened to my heart, gave more time to prayer and introspection,  and then spent my time, energy and focus on doing what brought me fulfillment and completion, using the gifts I was given to cover the cost of everyday needs. I spent too much of my life just surviving the day.  No matter how much money I made, the responsibilities always increased right along with the salary.

Being responsible doesn't mean giving up everything that brings a smile to your face.  Being truly responsible is finding a way to use your gifts and talents, and protecting that freedom by and only gaining responsibilities that allow you to maintain the freedom.  All work and no play really does make Jack a dull boy.  In the end, what really matters is the quality of the life we led, not the quantity of what we've achieved.  I don't want it said of me when I'm gone, "Well, she might have been miserable, but she was responsible."  I'd much rather have it said, "She may have not had everything, but you couldn't tell it because she lived life to the fullest."

Today, I'm giving into my 'guilty' pleasure.  I'm going to spend the day getting lost in my latest adventure, Hunter & Chase, and I can guarantee ... I won't waste one second feeling guilty about it.

Till next time,
 ~T.L. Gray


  1. This is an excellent post. I totally agree with it. I don't watch TV, for example. I love to be creative and writing is my favorite way of being creative. Reading is inspiring and I love doing so, too. Living life to the fullest is following our creative passions. Great post. Thanks.

    1. Thank you, Julie, for your comment. I'm glad you enjoyed the article. My greatest hope is to inspire, encourage an help writers and readers of all levels succeed in their craft. Thanks for subscribing. I hope you enjoy many of the future articles to come.