Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dis – What Was I Talking About?

Distractions! Nothing stops progress more than interruptions. Most often, the greatest appetizing diversions always occur when you’re facing a deadline, or the finish line, of a huge project.  However, failure to meet our goals is not the fault of the diversion.  WE are accountable, WE are in full control of our choices, and WE are the one responsible to make the decision to allow, or reject, the distraction.

Not all distractions are bad.  Some are a welcomed reprieve; a change of pace to re-store energy, re-charge and re-focus.  A vacation, an afternoon nap, a celebratory evening are all good examples of good distractions.  However, just as important is the discipline to return to the tasks at hand.

Examine your latest goals, and then try to identify the biggest distractions that have kept you from reaching that goal. 

Go ahead, do it now.


Now that you know what they are, use your creativity and wisdom to manage them.

You still there?  I hope you weren’t distracted.

Till next time,
~T.L. Gray

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