Monday, June 04, 2012

Do a Happy Dance

Being a writer involves a life of many ups and downs, probably more downs and solitude than anything, but there are some really great ‘up’ moments.  We should really cherish those moments, because they are far and few between. 

I’ve had many writers warn me not let myself get too excited, because behind those peaks are long dips and valleys, but I find that bit of advice a little disconcerting.  Why should I not allow myself to get too excited?  Don’t I allow myself to fully worry, to fitfully fret, to completely struggle and to labor?  Why only expect the full benefits of the ‘down’ times, and pull back from experiencing the full joy of the ‘up’ times?  That doesn’t make sense, unless I’m glutton for pain, which I’m not. 

So, my advice today for all those who are approaching an ‘up’ moment –fully enjoy it.  Give yourself completely into the exhilaration and jubilation that comes with the achievement.  Laugh out loud, do a happy dance, and shout from the top of the mountains of your achievement. Don’t be shy about it, and put all modesty to the side.  Don’t allow the Michal’s of this world mock your jubilation.  You’ve earned this moment, so enjoy it.  Don’t let anyone steal it, deem it as precious, and celebrate its existence.  Believe me - it won’t last long before the next trial shows its teeth. 

Till next time,
~T.L. Gray

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