Monday, July 02, 2012

Live Your Life - Fuel Your Imagination

Though our minds are always filled with a plethora of colorful characters, and our dreams full of fond adventures, writers are by nature solitary people.  Unguarded, we could easily become hermits, desiring our fictional existence more than our reality.  Though we are people watchers, and most often expertly understand human nature, like all professionals in their field, we usually neglect ourselves – the way a plumber has leaky pipes, a mechanic riding with car trouble, a painter with white walls, or a psychiatrist with dysfunctional relationships. 

If writer dysfunctions could be classified, solidarity would top the list.  Being used to solving problems in our dreams and on the page, we often convince ourselves that we can go it alone, usually the way our heroes do on the page.  However, the greatest heroic stories usually involve someone who’s learned to value and depend on those closest to them in their quests.  While Superman possesses great power, his greatest strength is his character, his integrity and his pursuit for truth, justice and the American way; his humanity.  That power was formed by the people in his life, his parents, his friends and even his enemies.  

I LOVE my imagination, but without my friends and family I wouldn’t have the freedom to enjoy and explore it.  It’s the life I LIVE that truly inspires the world I imagine. 

If you’ve separated yourself into isolation, don’t stay too long.  Get back to your life and to those who love and support you; it’s the best thing you can do for your imagination.

Till next time,
~T.L. Gray

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