Friday, July 25, 2014

Good Conversations

I had the best birthday yesterday and that joy had nothing to do with the presents I received, though I did get a few of those (a hand-made bracelet, a Superman book and doll, and a new bicycle).   What made my day so special were the great conversations I had.  The people I love most in the world took time out of their lives to connect with me.  My smile never stopped from the messages of love and birthday wishes I received throughout the day from my friends and family. Watching my youngest daughter beam with pride as we had dinner together and talked about her plans for the future, melted my heart.  It truly was one of my happiest moments.  To know this beautiful young woman loves and trusts me enough to share the important things in her life, touched me deeply.  I could never do that with my parents. I cherish the good conversations we have.

My two best girlfriends are like the greatest listeners in the world, and they tell me the truth – what I need to hear, not what I want to hear.  They both love me and put up with all my crazy drama.  What’s ironic is that they’re both extreme introverts, rarely leaving their own homes and neither have relationships of their own. They’re the two smartest women I’ve ever met, but have no idea why they chose me to be their friend. I’m an extroverted extrovert. I’ll talk to the trees if they’ll talk back.  When they say opposites attract… that seems to be true with friendships too.

My best guyfriends are also two of the smartest and wisest men I’ve ever known, and who also tell me the truth – what I need to hear and not what I want to hear.  They both love me dearly and I’m pretty sure I drive them insane in with all my drama.  Wait… I’m starting to see a pattern here.  They too are extreme introverts, don’t hang out with a bunch of friends, and rarely stray from their daily routines.  One wants to be a porn star while the other wants to start his own cult, yet they think I’m the crazy one.  Former or current badass soldiers who think they’ve done it all – they both now get to sit back and watch this firecracker jump into the unknown with as much bravery as they possess.  I love them for remembering me on my birthday, and sharing important things in their life with me.  That’s the greatest compliment anyone can give – to share a part of themselves.

Then there’s this smart, funny, sarcastic, handsome guy who called me.  When I start talking to him I can’t stop laughing.  He keeps me in stitches.  He tells me he can only talk for a minute and 3 and half hours later finds it hard to say ‘good night’.  We talk about everything and nothing.  But I’ve discovered one of the most romantic things that could happen to and with a writer …(take notes for any of you out there considering dating a writer), and that is …reading to one another.  Listening to the original voice of the writer to one of your favorite pieces – priceless.  Reading some of your best, most intimate work to someone else – also priceless.  The words a writer puts into a story is a part of them, a part of their soul, a part of their gift.  While we share those words with the world through postings and publications, we are in essence sharing a part of our souls.  Reading to one another – is also sharing, just on a more intimate level.  

All the beautiful, wonderful birthday wishes I received on Facebook, in my e-mail, Linked-In, Goodreads, and Twitter truly made me feel special yesterday.  I am truly blessed because I’m surrounded by people who I can have some good conversations.

Till next time,

~T.L. Gray1

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