Friday, August 22, 2014

Brain Malfunction

I was sick yesterday.  Around 4am I woke up shivering from a high fever, but I didn’t feel terribly bad …unless I sat up, moved, or tried to eat. But just quietly lying in my bed or on the couch watching television, I felt relatively okay.

Hoping to take advantage of a day at home, I reveled at the thought I could get some writing done, so I opened my laptop and sat in an upright position on my couch.  As the page loaded, I tried to remember at which point I had left off in my novel, but couldn’t really string two full sentences together.  I was drawing blanks.  Just when I thought I had the last scene, I’d remember I’d already covered that point and started a fresh search.  By the time my document loaded, I felt my eyes growing heavy and my head spinning.

I thought, maybe if I fluffed some pillows and lay half-way down I’d be able to function.  I’m sure you realize how well that went.

I once again tried to open my document, but my laptop felt like it weighed 20lbs instead of 2.  While sitting in my lap, my computer felt constricting, like it was holding my legs down and refusing to let me move, which of course now I had the urgent sensation to move them.  I had a strong desire to free them from beneath the covers and release them from their bondage.  So, I stood up, but gravity had a different plan for me and decided that I should make a really close inspection of the floor.  It’s a good thing I cleaned it recently.  The floor turned out just fine.

This time I lay completely down on the couch and rolled onto my side, pulling my laptop near me.  Everyone knows you can’t type with both hands while you’re on your side and I wasn’t about to write tapping in the keys one letter at a time.  So, with a huff and a growl, I closed the document and opened my email.  At least I would get something  done and not feel completely useless if I could answer a few emails.  I wish I had just closed the laptop.

Needless to say, after a few minutes the laptop sat for the rest of the day on my coffee table… while I drifted in and out of delirium watching a couple series on Starz.  What bits and pieces I caught of Black Flag and Overland, I was really impressed and hope to watch more episodes in the future.  My television viewing habits are scattered at best – I just don’t really have time to watch television. It’s come to the point where what I know of what’s going on is what I catch subconsciously as it often plays in the background.

This morning I feel better, at least I can sit in an upright position, and hope to be very productive on all the work I missed the day before.  I’d love to be able to laugh today, so those of you that control the powers that be – send me some good laughs and bits of humor.  I’ve learned that when I’m sick …my brain malfunctions.  It doesn’t want to work.  It doesn’t want to write.  It doesn’t want to be creative, or decisive, or inventive, or studious… just relaxed. Maybe I can learn something from my brains rebellion. Maybe not.

Till next time,

~T.L. Gray

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