Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I love to laugh.  I love to make other people laugh.  No matter how bad I’m feeling, laughter always makes me feel better.

When I’m down and depressed, what pulls me out of it is the following two aspects:

1.  Knowing that there is someone in this world who cares about me.

2.  Laughter.

There’s a lot each of us have to deal with, and we all have problems and stresses that pull on us regularly.  No one is without concern or burden, that’s our lot for being human.  The only difference between us is the severity of which we have to deal with the things that come into our life.

Anxiety is the worse of these stresses.  The Good Book says, “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving,  let your requests be known to God.”  That’s easier said than done.  Sure… wait right here a moment while I go and lay down my anxiety.  If we could all just take it off like a jacket, we’d be perfect because I don’t know one person who LIKES and WANTS anxiety in their life. If anyone figures out the secret to turning off emotions of anxiety when worries pop up in their life, please share it.  I’d like a detailed manuscript or formula.

Let my requests be known to God?  Isn’t He omniscient?  If he knows the very number of hairs I have on my head (which He needs to recount after this morning’s brushing) and the thoughts I have in my mind, then doesn’t He already know what my requests are?  Could I possibly hide them from Him?  I’m thinking maybe we’ve been going at this one wrong for a long time now.

 The rest of that scripture reads “… and the peace of God that transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”  I don’t even know what that really means anymore.  How will God’s peace guard my heart and mind exactly, because when situations come into my life my brain goes into overdrive dealing with all the ‘responsibility’  and ‘expectations’ that are associated.  What exactly are we expecting from this “peace of God”.  It doesn’t say peace from God, but the peace that belongs to Him and is of Him will guard my heart and mind.  Well, that didn’t work.  Maybe it’s because I’m trying to understand something that clearly states transcends my understanding – it’s not understandable.  If it’s not understandable, how then do I trust it and apply it to remove the anxiety that plagues me?  

I’m not looking for an answer here, so please don’t flood my comments with your divine religious insights.  I’m not a novice.  I’ve studied the scriptures for nearly two decades and this is an answer I’ll only accept from God himself.  Men have taught me they’re just as ignorant as I am, and most of the time have no clue what they really understand or believe.  They’re mockingjays and parrots, repeating what they’ve heard, yet most often their actions and reactions proclaim something contrary.  I don’t want or need your opinion.  If God can talk to an ass, He can damn well talk to me.    

But, I didn’t write this post to come down on Scripture.  I have nothing against Scripture, just a majority of men’s interpretation of it. I wrote this article to get to this point – anxiety is real and it’s hard.  Regardless of what you believe or don’t believe, the greatest weapon “I’ve” discovered to fight against is – is laughter.  I’ve prayed, taken pills, exercised, been to counseling… and  sometimes those things help.  But the only constant that brings ME results is laughter.

So, I’m letting my request be known to the whole world (hopefully that mean’s God too) that I hope your day, and my day, be filled with laughter.  I want to hear the sound of giggles and guffaws.  I’d like to see smiles and smirks.

Here’s a dumb joke to get you started on your day:

“Why do milking stools only have three legs? – Because the cow has the udder.”

That made you smile, didn’t it?  It at least had you shake your head.

Till next time,

~T.L. Gray

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