Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Beautiful Sad Dream

I had a very beautiful dream last night. It wasn’t anything kinky or adventurous, just a sweet moment of a man and a woman lying in each other’s arms in a meadow, staring up at the sky, pointing at the clouds, and laughing about what their imaginations morphed the many cirrus wonders into. Of course I’d like to believe I was the woman, but I didn’t recognize the man. He’s not anyone I’ve ever met before, or perhaps a culmination of all the men I’ve known in my life into one.

There was a familiarity about my love, though I saw no details… well, no details of his face. I heard a voice and it was calming and he had a hearty laugh, and it made me giggle like no problems existed in the world. I smelled the light scent of musk, and it made me feel at home after being gone away for a long time. I felt the warmth of his body next to mine and the steady beat of his heart, and it made me feel loved as I’ve never been loved. His outstretched arm was strong just like his gentle hands, and they made me feel safe as if the world held no danger. His fingers intertwined with mine, and it was beautiful, and made me feel complete as if we were one.

The sad part of this beautiful dream is that I had to wake up.

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