Friday, November 03, 2006

Crazy4Smallville's Weekly Review 6:5

Crazy4Smallville’s Weekly Review

Jimmy Oslen was a hoot in this episode. I dropped my spoon when he blurted out his Egyptian theory to Chloe. Poor Chloe, will any man be smart enough for her? This one is a few bricks shy of a load, but hey… he was adorable.

Lex is an arrogant, pompous jerk… just the way I like him. He was rude, cold and calculating and made no excuses for his behavior. I wanted to slap him for the way he treated Clark, but that’s what I love about him. I love to hate him.

Lana’s moving more and more over to the dark side. She knows Lex is bad… she calls him on it and yet she makes the decision to stay? Why? It’s not because she trusts him, because she flat out admitted that she didn’t. It’s not because he trusts and is honest with her… because he didn’t do anything to try and hide that fact. So, what is it that brings these two together? I don’t know… but I think it works – at least the chemistry does.

The whole Raya/ Phantom Freaks (Baer) storyline was a bit lame and ‘boring’ to me, saying the same thing we’ve heard a million times already. But I know TPTB need a catalyst somehow to give some background into Jor-El so that Clark will know that he’s not a jerk out to destroy the earth, but to save it. They backed themselves into that corner and now they’ve had to create this lame storyline to make it happen.

I LOVE, that he’s now ready to fulfill his destiny, however at the same time I got excited about that – knowing that he’ll go off to become the Superman he’s destined to be and get his training from Jor-El, I feel sad because it will probably happen at the end of this season or the next for sure. That means no more Smallville. I don’t even want to think about it.

Well, this is a short review. There wasn’t much to talk about. Perhaps when Oliver Queen comes back onto the show, there’ll be more interest. I did miss Lionel and Lois this week. Hope to see them soon.

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