Friday, November 17, 2006

Crazy4Smallville's Weekly Review 6:7

Crazy4Smallville Weekly Review 6:7

I’m not sure what to think about this episode. There were some really good parts and some really bad parts, but the show ended with me scratching my head. Perhaps if I were up-to-date on the comic aspect of the Superman mythos, I may have a better understanding of what happened. But, being that I don’t… I’m at a loss and full of questions.

Who and what was the creature that helped Clark beat the skeletal-eating brute?
What were those things Clark kept stepping on?
Why didn’t the El crystal work on the phantom freak?
What difference does it make if they’re a phantom or not – I thought the crystal worked on all creatures from the Phantom Zone? Isn’t that how they got there in the first place?
Whose side is Lionel on? Is the old Lionel back?
If Lionel and Lex become full partners again, will Lionel tell Lex about Clark?
Why did Lionel wipe out Chloe’s research?
What will Chloe do with the Lex Luthor files now that she has them?
How did Jimmy get so smart? Isn’t he supposed to idolize Clark Kent, not be jealous?
Why was Clark so rude to Chloe?
Who do you think was on level 33.1?
How did Lionel know about level 33.1?
If Lex was in an alternate frequency, how was he able to see and hear Lana and Chloe?
Wouldn’t they be static too?
Why did Lana risk her life and her baby’s life to find Lex?
Will not the static jump cause a miscarriage?
Why didn’t Lex get down on his knees when he proposed?
Where was Lois?
Why would Clark run off to find a phantom freak instead of helping Lex?
How did the meteor freak escape level 33.1?
Does anyone else find it surprising that Lana hates meteor freaks?
Has she forgotten that it was her actions that brought the latest meteor shower by killing Genevieve Teague?
Is anyone else glad that Jensen Ackles is playing Dean Winchester instead of the wimpy, love-struck Lana boytoy, Jason Teague?
Why didn’t the Green Arrow go help Clark?
Where was Oliver Queen – Betty Ford?

Well, I’m sure I have a lot more questions, but these are what I’ve for now.

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