Friday, January 19, 2007

Crazy4Smallville's Weekly Review 6:10 Hydro

I know... I'm a week late for this one. I actually didn't even think about writing my review after watching last week's episode. I don't know why. I really enjoyed the episode and thought it was quite funny, but until this morning - contemplating my review of Justice, I remember that I had skipped one for this episode.

So, this week - you get a two fer'.

I didn't particularly like Tori Spelling as Linda Lake. She reminded me of the spoiled brat, turned ghost freak, back in Smallville. I was waiting for her to shout out, 'Laterz' at any moment. Also, her character didn't really go out with a splash; more like a drizzle. I have a feeling that wasn't the last we're going to see of this water nymph.

Surprisingly, some the best parts of this episode were the Lexana scenes. Rosenbaum and Kruek really do have a lot of chemistry together on screen, making Lana's character tolerable. TPTB couldn't help spooning us one last bit of Clana down our throats, but hopefully that's it.

This episode had a lot of different elements. It was a comedy one minute and a deep emotional scene the next, but the chemistry of it worked. Not too much of either one, making it the right combination to send me away at the end with a smile on my face and going, 'Ahh - that was good.'

The Clark/Oliver/Lois triangle was well depicted, especially the look on Clark's face after that kiss, and after Lois' reaction to the kiss at the end of the episode. Those moments were priceless.

The Clark/Lex/Lana triangle was well played with Clark going through a roller coaster of emotions concerning Lana. First shocked, down, then up, hopeful, then more shock, then disappointment, then down, then finally leveling out. That's a lot of emotion to get through in just one episode, but I think Clark pulled it out. I also think Lana did a very tasteful job with her own. She readily admits she loves Clark, but knows that she can't go back and looks forward instead.

The only bit that really irritated me was Lana's self-righteous attitude. But, that's only because I knew Chloe didn't spill the beans on her, but she should have given Chloe the benefit of the doubt. I think this is yet another example of how their friendship is really still on the surface level - not having really any depth.

I was glad to see Chloe put Clark in his place when he started going off on his self-righteous rampage and about secrets and lies. His reaction toward her brought back my old Chlark desires. He really loves her and she really loves him - and it's a shame they don't have the opportunity to share that love.

Anyway - there's a lot more in this episode that I loved - especially the whole Oliver Queen/Green Arrow cover-up, Jimmy moonlighting with Lois, Lois' hilarious attempt at uncovering the truth, and so on. That whole storyline was awesome and well played out.

The previews of Justice left me with tingles.... I can't wait!

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