Friday, January 19, 2007

Crazy4Smallville's Weekly Review 6:11 Justice

Oh man, was this awesome or what? I think I've waited six years for this episode. There's only two more that I have to wait for now: Clark to put on the glasses and show up at the Daily Planet with Lois Lane and Superman to don the red cape and fly. I can't wait!!! But, then again - I can. Because that would mean the end of Smallville - and I don't know if I can take that.

I LOVE, I LOVE, I LOVE how Clark involved Chloe in what what going on and Oliver called her 'side kick'. She totally deserves it. Man, what I wouldn't give to be in her shoes.

I loved seeing Bart again. He grew up on me in just two years, but he's still just as cute as ever. I love that little 'sly' attitude he has. I'm not too crazy about the name Impulse, but knowing they couldn't use Flash, I suppose it was okay. I think perhaps Lightning or Thunderbolt would have sufficed, but Impulse is original, I suppose. I love his zest for life and his big appetite. I love the way he flirts with Chloe.

I loved seeing A.C. again. Still just as charming and just as sexy as the last time I saw him. He should leave his shirt off more often, however, I wouldn't have like to get one really good shot of him in his orange shirt. I do have to say though, I don't really know what his part was in the rescue mission. Was it just to gain access from a different direction. I seemed to have missed his mission. I love the 'fish jokes' comment. Hilarious.

I loved seeing Victor return as Cyborg. Man, does he get hotter every time I see him. It was sad to hear about his relationship with his girlfriend fizzling out, but everyone knows that you can't keep a superhero tied down. But, I'm wondering when he's going to fall in love with Lois? I mean, AC's had his shot, Oliver just blew his, Clark's coming later - so there's still time for Victor and Bart (though I think Bart's got his eye on her cousin - another of Clark's loves.) It makes me think - what does it take to make a superhero fall in love with you? Lois, Lana and Chloe are three completely different women - yet they have an appeal on the superhero/villain kind. Poor Victor... glad he found his reason to live.

I think Oliver/Green Arrow - gets sexier every time I see him. But, this time - his dark, ominous eyes had me almost crying at the end. You really felt the love he had for Lois fight against the passion he has for Justice. I liked seeing him in this leadership role. I suited him, even better than that green leather outfit he sports.

Which reminds me... I loved ALL of their outfits. But, I have to admit I was scratching my head after the explosion. While I was tingling all over seeing the League, I paused for a moment, because it looked so out of place. You had everyone decked out in their new outfits - Impulse, Green Arrow, (CLARK KENT?), Aqua-Man and Cyborg. Clark just didn't 'look' super - he looked like your average farm boy who got caught in the wrong picture. He should have at least try to throw together some sort of disguise, especially after Lionel just warned him about being exposed and being careful - and got the feel of what it was like to hide behind a disguise pretending to be the Green Arrow. It just seem to deflate the moment a bit.

This mission wouldn't have been the same without Chloe. She was awesome. Man, I'm so jealous. If I could pick a character to be, that'd be it - even if she isn't in Clark's life later, she's so totally awesome now. Allison Mack is just awesome in that character, much like how Rosenbaum has changed my perception of Lex Luthor. I never thought much about Lex Luthor, writing him off as a idiot, but Rosenbaum has made him a formidable opponent for the Man of Steel. He's broken all the molds before him - and I doubt that could be filled again.

I really felt for Lois. She seems to be attracted to the hero type, which I can totally relate. I hated seeing her get her heart broken, but she's not alone.

I'm sure there is MUCH, MUCH more with this episode I'm leaving out, but I'm really quite speechless. It was that good. I really hope Smallville brings us more of these - or else the show creators need to start working on the new Justice and Metropolis series.

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